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  1. We will be sailing on Wonder September 25th and would like to pick up some local wine. Can we bring it back on the ship? I know they will hold it until we depart but would like to take some home with us. Maybe some spirits also
  2. We are sailing in September and will bring Emed tests with us
  3. I was at Disney last month, sure didn’t look like they were missing anyone, it was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it
  4. I actually called Royal Caribbean and asked if there was a tour going to Accademia and they said there was not. Thanks for your response I think we are going to try it on our own
  5. We are sailing on Wonder on September 25th and will be at La Spezia the 28th. We want to go to Florence and visit the Accademia. Of course, none of the excursions go there so we are going to try and "choose our own adventure". This is our first Mediterranean cruise, and we aren't sure how to get from La Spezia to Florence. I've tried to figure out the rains but it doesn't look like there are many choices. If anyone has taken a train i would love to hear your thoughts. Also what time should we make our museum reservations? Thanks
  6. We just came back from Mariner, there were only 2 waiters, but service did not suffer. Food was excellent. We had early dining and did not have to wait at all
  7. We just finished a 5 day on Mariner of the Seas and Wow the Main Dining Room was spectacular! The food was so good, steaks, salmon, deserts, everything. We didn't feel the need to dine at any of the specialty restaurants. Francis and Karan were on their game. Good Job Mariner!
  8. Ill try this in 13 days on Mariner, maybe Ill try a few
  9. Its been a couple years since I have cruised and I have a question about reservations for the shows. I am sailing on Mariner for a 5 day cruise to Perfect Day and Labadee. The website says you have to make reservations for the ice show and i assume you also have to make reservations for the main show. When can I make these reservations? Do I have to wait until I get on the ship? We are a party of 6 so I want to get it done as soon as possible Thanks for any help
  10. I ordered this for our cruise on Mariner as a surprise for my wife, hopefully it will be there when we walk in the room but if not when we go to bed would be fine also, actually that might be better....
  11. I always try google.com/flights and just type in London. The site will give the best prices at various airports. If I think that is out of my range I try surrounding metro areas.
  12. Of course the ship I'm finally supposed to restart my cruising on is in an accident..... will I ever get back to sea
  13. oh no I do not want to hear that, Im taking my family on mariner in 39 days....
  14. So does this mean self-service ice cream?
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