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  1. Just got off the plane in Barcelona, they didn’t even check our vax cards. So easy.
  2. The airline doesn’t know so I called the Spanish Consulate and they didn’t know. Geez
  3. Royal caribbean just stated I need an antigen test
  4. So I am having a little mental breakdown. I was going to fill out the SpTH form and got the following message. What do I need to get into Spain?? On the phone with Royal Caribbean and they don’t know. This just changed today and I fly out tomorrow
  5. I keep the set sail pass in my apple wallet and I carry a Manila folder of all my documents.
  6. Thanks for the information, the website was very helpful
  7. We fly into Barcelona next Thursday for a cruise on Wonder leaving the following Sunday. Do we need to fill out the Spanish Travel Health form??
  8. We use a 10-point scale where I work and are required to investigate every score below 10. The employee doesn't technically get in trouble for a low score, but if they fail to follow procedure they are disciplined. Of course, they wouldn't be investigated if they scored a 10....
  9. I use the digital copy on my phone, but I always have my cruise folder full of printed out documents just in case.
  10. I have absolutely no problem with gratuities going up. This would amount to around $11 extra for my cruise. These stewards, bartenders, waitstaff, laundry workers, plumbers, electricians, cooks and other staff work tirelessly 7 days a week to ensure we have a good time. They smile, bow and scrape, suffer abuse, for very small salaries most of which they send home to their families. My cabin steward on my last cruise had 3 children at home that he got to see every 4 or 5 months. I don't begrudge them an extra $11, and I will supplement their salaries with extra tips. I feel it is the least I can do for all they do for me.
  11. No more testing for European cruises under 10 days, unless your going to Greece!! Hallelujah
  12. you can bring an Emed test with you, that's what we are doing
  13. This is a new program, different than the international program. This is specifically for onboard the ship
  14. Has anyone used the AT&T cruise internet package? It is cheaper than the Royal Voom surf and stream package but I’m not sure how well it works.
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