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  1. Hi all! My partner and I will be travelling on Quantum of the Seas later this year and I had a question with regards to booking shows and activities for our cruise whilst onboard. We weren’t going to bother getting ship wifi as its quite expensive. Are you able to book shows and activities through the stateroom tv at all? Or is it only on the app / registering in person? Can you select shows prior to sailing, or can it only be done while on board? Thank you
  2. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely let him know. That was his only reservation with cruising - looks like we’ll be booking! Thank you for your help
  3. Hi all! I’ve never sailed with Royal before and my partner and I are looking at booking a trip for next year sometime. I have a question with the MDR. My partner is a very big eater (powerlifter) and he’s not sure what the portion sizes are like in the MDR. Do they allow you to order more than one main per person? He wouldn’t eat multiple plates of food, but he’d definitely eat more than 1 portion.
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