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  1. Just received the email that in lieu of Ibiza, we will be stopping off in Cartagena, Spain. Any suggestions?
  2. If there is we, you just multiply the number times the amount of people. Also, if you do not have the drink package, two 750 ml bottles per cabin.
  3. Lots of nice hotels downtown, but with MetroRail, you could probably stay in the Dadeland area with a heck of a lot of shopping and restaurants, and in the morning take the train and people mover to near the oirt, and then catch an Uber or cab.
  4. Visit Florida is the official travel site. They would have itineraries that meet your needs. They also have a website called Florida Vacation Auction where you can get some really good travel deals. I am a native Floridian. There are a lot of places that are very different than the road more commonly traveled. Have fun! BTW, Buc'ees is really weird. Good brisket and kolaches.
  5. When we did our first cruise with kids, my sons, about 7 and 9, were not offered a children's menu, and they only ordered from the regular menu. They also spoke politely to our other dinner companions and ate like an adult. I advocate cruising as a good way for teaching dinner manners to young gentlemen and to keep them from being finicky eaters.
  6. Saw a Norwegian Cruise Line Ship docked in Leith when I was in Edinburgh. Looked like passengers were tendered in.
  7. We did the Anthem transatlantic last May, and in November, plan to go back to the USA on the smaller ship Vision. Our idea of a transatlantic is for transportation rather than a vacation in and of itself. We do not drink and the MDR / Windjammer is fine for food (mostly). We are not into the art shows or casinos. I like the solarium in Radiance, and will probably do so while reading. Vision had three visiting ports, and we are Floridians. So I based the decision on location and price over size of ship and "extras". However, I think you need to factor in whether the transatlantic is the vacation or if it is part of a bigger adventure. If you get a great deal on a big ship and it's where you want to go, then I would select it.
  8. We like to go early to the MDR. Room gets tidied earlier and we can hang out there or go to night shows. If the meal was mediocre or need more veggies or dessert, we head over to Windjammer.
  9. I remember traveling in the 1960s and 1970s, and maybe it was just my parents, but we had smallpox vaccines and others. Can't the cruise industry still require the vaccine, but not the testing?
  10. There is a full bar in the Windjammer, but the freebie beverages are good. Juices (some weird smoothies at breakfast too - like cucumber and melon), coffee, tea, lemonade, assorted teas, etc. Also, if you need a chocolate milk (or almond or oat), they have it available for the asking.
  11. I have only bought the refreshment package for one of my kids. The other would not drink soda. If you have a die-hard beverage drinker, go-ahead, but I am a water drinker, and there is juice for breakfast, coffee, tea, lemonades, milks (chocolate too), which are included in the cruise.
  12. More than once we went to Windjammer following our MDR dinner. Sometimes their concept of veggies is 2 spears of asparagus. Come to think of it, eating beforehand may be good, so as to stay away from the breads and starches.
  13. Our next cruise is not scheduled until November 4th, from Barcelona to the US. I am cautiously optimistic!
  14. When we went on Radiance OTS, we thought it was a very big ship. Now I have been on Anthem OTS, a mega ship. In November, we will be going back to the US on Vision OTS, which is one of the smaller ships. All of these are much bigger than the ships of the seventies and eighties, which have been long retired.
  15. I used Next Cruise for my next cruise. The selling point was that the OBC could be applied to the cost of the cruise AND your regular travel agent gets credit, so I will also be getting a Costco Cash Card after the cruise (plus the 5% cash back from Costco for the Visa). Pretty much a win win.
  16. Being adverse to any specific brand cruise. Yes, some cruises may cater to a different group, but it can still be an excellent experience with the right attitude. And another thing, Costco pharmacy has meclazine for $3.99 for 100 tabs. That's a lot of cruises!
  17. We are excited to embark on our second transatlantic cruise, which will end a seven month European adventure. We came over on Anthem, and currently traveling around. Anyone else?
  18. Hey folks, Very excited about the upcoming cruise. I guess my question is how do we set up a meet up spot? I am also on the Facebook post for this cruise.
  19. Hey Darlin and Ted, You definitely sound like us, except I did make reservations for the first two weeks, but the type you can cancel and get your money back for no reason at all. Just in case we become the modern day Mary Typhoids (we wash our hands, but I meant COVID-19). Assuming the trip goes as planned, we have reservations for the Isle of Wight, Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol. Public transportation is relatively easy, except for Sunday. I try to book lodging near bus or train stations. My essential travel apps are Rome2Rio, Hotels.com, Airbnb and a few more. Just like you, we woke up and realized we weren't 35 anymore. We also worked in a SW Florida community where it was mostly retirees, and we learned both the good and bad of aging. We are currently home free and have been traveling since May 2019. We figured we can go back to work if we want, but until grandkids, we are content traveling.
  20. There are some good websites to research an excursion on your own, close to the port. I put in my calendar the following for Le Havre: 1. Musee Malroux (impressionists) 2. Cathedral Notre Dame 3. Eglise St. François 4. USST 488 Historical Monument & Tugboat Try Visitsites.com
  21. On Facebook, there is an Anthem site where passengers stated they canceled some of the shows due to some of the performers being quarantined.
  22. Hello Disperia, Our first TA and second RCCL. Been on other liners, but mostly Caribbean and 2 Alaskan trips. We will also be going to Dublin and Ireland, but probably not until June (we are in a nomadic stage of retirement, for the time being). We have currently planned the first few weeks at Isle of Wight, Amesbury, Bath and Bristol, and plan to meander south Wales to Fishguard, and from there, make our way to Ireland. As to Dublin, I was startled when I saw prices for lodging (i.e., London and Edinburgh were much less, as well as other Emerald cities). Is it that much more trendy? May end up spending more time in Wales. Audrey
  23. I am just grateful for a paper menu. Hate having to put my phone over a coded block.
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