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  1. As long as you're in a vax-only venue, no mask needed. For the sections of shows designated as non-vaxed, mask must stay on for shows, but in the general seating you can remove it if you wish.
  2. Correct, they've pulled the free spin machine off every ship, according to staff on Ovation a few weeks ago. Emerald was $6 free play as well, and I believe I've seen the same for Diamond.
  3. My wife and I just got back from Alaska on Ovation and loved it. We had a JS so it was easy to watch the scenery from our room, but I'll agree, most of the larger venues other than 270 and the Solarium are pretty "land-locked" in the center of the ship with no exterior views. September was great and we were able to get right up to the glacier, but I'd definitely think May/June would be a better choice than April if you're going early. Leaving from Seattle was smooth, but I can't imagine Vancouver would be too terrible either.
  4. Jumped on this one to take advantage of the double points promo for next year. Heads up, check your pricing - I've went down almost $300 on my inside room between when I booked onboard two weeks ago at NextCruise and now. Some is sales changing but some was general fare drops.
  5. We usually go with a guarantee cabin if it's available - has landed us some nice rooms in the past. Once was a Central Park balcony with a larger-than-usual balcony, once was an ocean-view on the front of the ship with the extra-large windows, and once was a JS with the extra half-bath toilet. Obviously, YMMV, but it's been good to us.
  6. Should be a good time! Originally booked for a March 25th, then realized it was only a couple hundred more for the inaugural sailing so we called today and got it moved. Will be our first cruise as Diamond, 3rd Oasis class ship (Allure and Oasis, gonna do Harmony for #4 later in the year), and first ever inaugural sailing.
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