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  1. My wife and I did the $40 Shopper's test - that is all that is needed for air travel and boarding the ship. Super easy and took less than 15 minutes from test to result.
  2. We were in a suite on the Allure a few weeks ago - we had to ask for the products. All we had to begin with was the wall dispenser. Sure was nice to have the extra space in the shower/bath!
  3. We used the Manulife also. Didn't need it but it was a pretty comprehensive policy for a very reasonable price.
  4. They say that not because it is dangerous, they simply don't want us to travel. That is the reason for ALL of the "safeguards." Not for one second did I feel unsafe on my 9 day cruise.
  5. When we returned from the Allure on Jan. 8 we actually encountered a "thinking" CBSA lady. When we got off the ship Royal did our tests in the terminal. We had our negatives just after arriving at the airport at 8:45. We filled out our ArriveCan stating that we had been outside of Canada and the U.S. - automatic tests - but told her we had taken a test that morning. She said, "Were they negative?" to which we replied yes. Without asking to see them, she applied green stickers to both our passports and we were on our way.
  6. Canada has lost it's mind - the sad truth is that they think their government is "protecting" them from all the DEATH in America. It really helps to have the CBC which can parrot any message they want sent and prevent any other message from reaching most Canadians. It is even more insane in QC where COVID infected nurses are treating patients because they fired all the non-vaccinated but NOT infected nurses. They have had curfews, have announced a tax on the unvaxxed, and soon they won't be able to Walmart, Costco, or any other big box store.
  7. We live in Canada so travel to port is expensive. That is why we tend to do longer cruises. I figured that was the answer. Thanks for responding.
  8. My last cruise took me to 79 points, one short of Diamond. Is there any way to coerce an extra point out of Royal so I don't have to wait until my second cruise to move up?
  9. Did it last week (Jan. 5). Had a great time. Two snorkel stops - Marine park and Tintamere Island (turtles). Snorkeling wasnt as good as our first time due to silty water and the hurricane a few years ago but was still enjoyable. Also had three beach stops and some nice speedboating. Ended up watching some planes come in at 3:30 as well as watching the Delta takeoff at that time. Lunch (sandwiches, chips, all you want to drink included).
  10. Captain Bob, speedboat and snorkeling.
  11. St. Maarten's is hopping - Allure, Anthem, Symphony, Rhapsody AND a Costa ship. We are enjoying a ship day but have an all day snorkeling excursion planned for tomorrow.
  12. We are on the Allure - weren't allowed to dock in St. Thomas two days ago.
  13. We docked in St. Kitts last night and spent the day there today. ALOT of people were off the boat doing excursions. We left tonight at 6 and are now sailing AWAY from St. Maarten, but it is a very short run between the two islands, so it probably doesn't mean anything. We were refunded on day's cruise fare for missing St. Thomas which makes our JS that much more ridiculously priced. So happy to be cruising again.
  14. We docked at St. Kitts about 5 and will spend the day here tomorrow. Some of the Oceanaria crew have Covid (or protocol), no diving portion of the program because they didn't have enough rescue divers to proceed with the performance.
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