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  1. Is it 2 bottles per person or per couple? On vacation, 2 bottles per couple is about one day for us on vacation. Hopefully RCL has sommeliers on staff, we appreciate their craft and enjoy supporting them, cruise ships seem to often employ soms and we enjoy learning from them, it's one of the things we love about cruises. Land based vacations it's hit and miss.
  2. I feel you, I booked a JS, GS and an OS pre-pandemic as we are new to RCL. But the lift and shifts put it out of order since Alaska got L&S twice and now the JS is last in July 2022. Unfortunately that JS is Alaska where the upgrade cost is double other destinations but I have a sinking feeling I'll be paying it. Damn Covid
  3. Eloquently put. Race, creed, sex, color, orientation or religion are not things most people want separate treatment for but this is different because it is based on risk as you pointed out. You spoke of your personal risk but I contend its also a risk to the industry. In California you can choose to build a home where it regularly experiences wildfires but you can't get fire insurance and if you can you will pay much more due to risk. When my kids were teens, their car insurance cost more, due to documented risk. If cruises end up with just a few cases onboard the news will spread like wildfire and cancellation of whole cruises will cost them millions. Especially in the first few months, they need it to go perfectly, everyone is watching. In time capacity will increase and rules relaxed but these first few months are critical to their future, they are essentially test cruises with paying customers. They don't want to tell the unvaxed they can't go, but they really don't want them to go in the beginning or at least they want very few to go all in the name of risk management. I support individual rights but I also understand that those do not override a private company's need to minimize risk at such a pivotal juncture.
  4. I have never cruised on RCL but have three RCL cruises booked in the next 13 months and am curious to see the differences. It was never brand loyalty, just that we live near the Los Angeles and San Diego ports and RCL hasn't had much of a presence in Southern California for a while. As my wife and I have moved into new age and tax brackets we get a little pickier, we have more vacation time so we can afford the time and the money of flying to a port but that wasn't always the case. We are native Californians, tattoos and surgically enhanced body parts on display seem normal to us, so the carnival crowd didn't bother us in fact we probably are them. What bothered us was the lack of specialty dining, limited suites, wine offerings and a few other things the older or smaller ships can lack. I was reluctant to switch because it means forfeiting loyalty and casino perks (sometimes free rooms) since I spend way too much time and money playing cards. I do like the suite offerings on Royal, were trying all three, JS, GS and OS on three different ships. Royal seems to have more rabid fans so I'm optimistic. One little thing I really like, probably not important to most, is the wine list and the beverage package rules as it pertains to wines above the price limit. On some lines, if they have a price limit of $13 and you order a $15 glass, you pay the whole $15. From what I've read with Royal's DBX, you just pay the difference. Plus the 40% off on bottles with the DBX serves as a backstop in case we don't like the offerings by the glass and from the wine lists posted, the prices are reasonable and selection suits us. Were not wine snobs, I prefer hobbyists but I've had land based tropical vacations at high end resorts impacted when I see the cabernet on ice when I approach the bar for the first time. I can improvise on land, I can always find a store nearby, on a cruise I am stuck. Maybe we are wine snobs.
  5. I'm vaccinated, I have a greater risk of dying traveling to the cruise than dying on it from covid. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I love me some Ben! 100 years from now Benjamin Franklin will still be quoted, the CDC, not so much.
  6. thanks to all, we booked Air2Sea and got about $200 per person off vs expedia and airline site plus some protection/assurance of arrival included for our August Adventure of the seas out of Nassau. I can happily say it's not the super saver fare, but the main cabin and you can pick your seats, super convenient. I still can't pay to upgrade to preferred or main cabin extra as my reservation still shows pending on AA but it's only been 24 hours since I booked. Anyways thanks to the posters for the tips. Last year we had a European cruise cancelled, we bought the flight and the cruise insurance, not only were they worthless and didn't pay, we didn't even get the insurance ( sold by MSC and UAL) refunded when the cruise and airline gave us refunds independent of the insurance. They wouldn't even take our calls. Maybe these rates are just for these initial cruises but Air2Sea may have gotten me as a customer for life. I get an actual person in 3 minutes to answer my questions and I pay less than websites? What is not to love? TA couldn't have been more sweet, price was unbeatable and I'm happy. That is the art of customer service!
  7. We booked also, a group of three fully vaccinated couples who are itching to go. We have 2 lift and shifts for January 2022 and July 2022 but added this one because the others are so far out now. In fact our July 2022 was for Alaska in 2020, then 2021 now 2022, shifted that one twice. Coming from California we are flying in the day before and staying at the Colonial Hilton which is to be the check in location. I hope the cruise actually happens, we've had 4 cruises cancelled on the last 14 months, one out of Galveston, one out of Italy and one out of Vancouver cancelled twice. We've almost been to more countries than we've actually been to.
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