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  1. LOL! From the "Calculator Collection"... I want to see the whole line!
  2. No, not at all...mallard duck perhaps! I do love the lanyard though, you can tuck it under a T-shirt. I'm really not too concerned about looks on this cruise. I just want to be safe and comfortable.
  3. The KN95 on a lanyard folds flat. I haven't had trouble with meatballs LOL.
  4. My husband and I are with you. It's been waaay toooo looong!
  5. I'm a vaccinated sinner who wants to live to laugh and sin another day!
  6. I am vaccinated and would not cruise If I wasn't vaccinated. I also don't wish to cruise with the Great Unvaccinated.
  7. And we will be stuck at sea for how long in a viral Petri dish? YUK!
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