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  1. A little white Hazmat suit is always chic! And I love the way you accessorize!
  2. Thank you for your daughter's participation in the trial. That is very generous of you...helping us all get out of this pandemic.
  3. LOL! From the "Calculator Collection"... I want to see the whole line!
  4. No, not at all...mallard duck perhaps! I do love the lanyard though, you can tuck it under a T-shirt. I'm really not too concerned about looks on this cruise. I just want to be safe and comfortable.
  5. The KN95 on a lanyard folds flat. I haven't had trouble with meatballs LOL.
  6. My husband and I are with you. It's been waaay toooo looong!
  7. I'm a vaccinated sinner who wants to live to laugh and sin another day!
  8. I am vaccinated and would not cruise If I wasn't vaccinated. I also don't wish to cruise with the Great Unvaccinated.
  9. And we will be stuck at sea for how long in a viral Petri dish? YUK!
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