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  1. 17 minutes ago, bossdog421 said:

    Well I tried to stay positive but Corona has taken this cruise.


    I am extremely disappointed because i really needed this trip. I am trying a hail mary with the travel agent to lit and shift outside of the normal dates but i doubt that will happen. Once this refund is processed I will just spend it on a vacation that isn't a cruise.


    Diet update: I changed from a strict low carb diet to the Haagen Dazs about 2 weeks ago and hid the scale in the basement. I have been too ashamed to post. lol

    So disappointed for you.  Why don't you think you will be able to find a qualifying L&S cruise ?

  2. 52 minutes ago, Dimension said:

    I think that the real test will be when schools are back in session. With the President putting a big push on for kids to be physically at schools that will be the real test. If COVID for teachers and parents of the students attending in person classes begin to spike upwards you can easily kiss the 2020 cruise season goodbye. Here in Georgia it appears that most schools are leaning toward a hybrid school year with doing remote the first semester then doing in person classes. I work for a major university and they are planning on having the majority of the classes be in person still. The fall semester starts here in about 4 weeks.

    Good luck !!

  3. I sure hope they do.  I think L&S is the best program to come out in years.  It really makes sense and is a win-win for everyone.  Since Royal will be looking for ways to hold onto our money and avoid having to provide cash refunds, I think they will extend it.  Not sure what they are likely to do with CWC.  I think a LOT of people are now very hesitant to take FCCs with all of the restrictions.  If they do plan on extending CWC, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they try and make the FCC more attractive in some way....like allowing more than 1 FCC to be applied to a booking, etc.  Of the 2 programs (L&S/CWC) I think they are likely to keep L&S and possibly not continue CWC.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Mrs. Thomas said:

    Do you know if you can get a refund after opting for FCC and that cruise you use FCC for is canceled?

    Cash can be turned into an FCC but an FCC can never be turned into cash....at least, that's the way I understand it.  Back in the good ol' days, you could apply an FCC to a Paid-In-Full cruise and receive a CC refund but not anymore.

    So if a cruise is cancelled where an FCC was used, the only cash you can get back would be any additional "new money" that you added in addition to the FCC.  The FCC will be reissued as a new FCC.

  5. Unfortunately, that is the way it works.  Better to cancel now while the only penalty is the non-refundable downpayment penalty.  If you wait until after final payment date, you will lose even more. 

    Are you using a Travel Agent ?  I have heard of rare instances where a good TA can get them to change their minds in situations such as yours but it's very rare.  They truly do not care who paid...all transactions are based on the passenger, not who paid.  Unfortunately, this is a very common problem when 1 person books several rooms.

  6. 1.  Since the program has been retitled Unlimited Dining Package (versus Ultimate DP) it has been possible to go to more than 1 specialty location per meal....so yes, you should be able to grab something at Izumi and then later, go to a different restaurant. There is one caveat and that is that the restaurants are based on availability so they must be able to accommodate you.  The best plan is to make reservations ahead of time so that you’re not disappointed if they aren’t able to fit you in.  I feel this is going to be even more important with reduced occupancy (social distancing) for a while.  My guess is, reservations are going to be absolutely required and more difficult to come by.

    2.  Yes, Johnny Rocket is included.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Ogilthorpe said:

    I found the "Change Date" section on the itinerary/Promos and Offers screen. It appears the new path back there is to select "view itinerary details". Once you have advanced past Room Type, you either need to back page or select the logo where options will take you all the way back.  I kinda miss the old way also. 

    I still can't find it.  Maybe it's a browser thing.  UGH !

  8. 1 minute ago, Ogilthorpe said:

    I found the "Change Date" section on the itinerary/Promos and Offers screen. It appears the new path back there is to select "view itinerary details". Once you have advanced past Room Type, you either need to back page or select the logo where options will take you all the way back.  I kinda miss the old way also. 

    Hmmm....I was in the "review itin" link but didn't see the ability to go to a different date.  I will check that out.

    Thanks !!!

  9. 3 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    I just used the back button on my browser and I could look at a different dates (which is the way I've always done it since I never noticed a "change date" option, LOL - omg)

    Yeah, this is the only way I have been able to do it...but it's a complete pain.

    The only improvement that I can see so far is that you can now review the itinerary once you are in the <mock> booking.  Before you could never see the itinerary once you started looking at cabins.  I also noticed that (so far) all of the previous military discounts are now gone.  Glad I had all of mine repriced while they were still applicable.  Prices on my 3 and 4 night NAV cruises were up around 10% plus no military discounts anymore.

  10. I also adore my MEI Agent but I will say....I do not consider it her "job" or responsibility to find price reductions for me.  I'm not saying that she hasn't, from time-to-time.  She certainly has.  But there is no way that she has time to check every cruise for every client every day.  There just aren't enough hours.  I consider it MY job to find a price reduction and then let her take care of vetting it.  Believe me, I have led her on many a wild goose chase on my behalf...giving her incorrect dates, incorrect ships, incorrect YEARS.  But she never says a word.  She has learned, over the years, that it's just me being me.  She does her best to figure out what I'm asking her to do and then lets me know if there's something to it or not.  I'm an awful client.  I change sailings, I change rooms, I downgrade from suites and then back up again.  She once did a price adjustment for me which ended up saving me a whopping $19.  I would never have had her do that if I had known it was that small.  She chases every rabbit down every hole that I send her way without even a hint of frustration....and all without a dime of commission since Feb (for me).

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