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  1. 2 hours ago, loki007 said:

    I've been watching the prices lately. For a 7 day doesn't appear to go below the $179pp

    we have never done the UDP but were planning to on our next Oasis cruise. I'd love to hear what peoples experience was? Worth it? Ease of getting reservations?

    None of the Cruise Planner prices are budging...with the exception of the UDP !!  In the past, the UDP on the O class ships has been as high as $199, so while $20 doesn't sound like much, it is a bit of a discount off the highest high price that I've seen.

    We love the UDP and continue to get it for every cruise where it is offered.  You get a LOT of food...lunch on embarkation day and any sea days of your cruise as well as every dinner.  The truth is, sometimes it is too much food on sea days.  But on the Oasis class ships there are a lot of options for eating specialty, so you get to try a lot of different options.

    We have never ever had any problem getting reservations except on the very rare occasions when we try and make a last-minute change.  I recall having to eat at Chops at 9:30 once !!  That wasn't too cool but that was b/c we had some kind of schedule change where we had to shift everything and that was all they had.  But for the vast, vast majority of cases, you get the restaurant you want at the time (or very close) that you want.

    The specialty restaurants are a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the MDR.  I always feel just a little bit special when I dine at one of the specialty restaurants.  I guess that's why they call them specialty restaurants !!  LOL  Will you, most likely, have to repeat some of the restaurants on a typical 7 night cruise ?  Yes, but you get to choose which ones you want to go back to !!  The specialty restaurants have static menus; they do not change from day-to-day like the MDR menus so just keep that in mind.  If you want a wide variety of different options every night then you are probably better off sticking with the MDR or doing a 3 night specialty dining package.  Just be aware that the 3 night package does not include any lunch meals, just dinner.

    I encourage you to try the UDP and decide for yourself if it is too much of a good thing !!

  2. 1 hour ago, Atlantix2000 said:

    I haven't seen an update on the Cadiz port specifically, but I did find an article that Spain's parliament extended their lockdown until April 12th.  Considering Spain reported that the last two days also had the two highest number of deaths, I don't really expect Cadiz to reopen anytime soon.

    Thanks.  Very helpful information. 

  3. What a wonderful blog and a great distraction. Thank YOU for taking time to do it.

    I kinda laughed when you said that you wished you had done more specialty lunches.  I have been considering doing fewer of them.  I always feel compelled to do specialty for every meal and it’s just absolutely too.much.food.  I applaud you for not feeling pressured into too many big meals.  My guess is that, with the larger group you had, it was difficult to organize big specialty meals and that probably helped.  But when it’s just Dan and me, it’s easy....but not altogether smart.

    Did you find that there was always too much food just hanging around your suite ?  We always have soooo much food just left uneaten. Cookies and fruit and fruit and fruit.  On our last SC cruise (Oasis in Dec) we finally asked Joyce to please STOP with the in-room food delivery.  Maybe with your larger group there were people there to eat it but with us, there just isn’t.  I hate being wasteful.

  4. I love seeing all of the creative ways American businesses are innovating to overcome the negative effects of this misery.  Most of our local restaurants are providing take out and delivery and providing support (meals) to our local HCP and first responders.  It really is heart warming and a reminder that nothing is more powerful than love and good ol’ American ingenuity. I don’t think our liquor laws allow alcohol to be taken out.  I haven’t heard of anything like that, locally.  

  5. 9 minutes ago, ellcee said:

    For those whose cruise is still on - Anyone else stuck at home thinking about when we can move past this all and pondering big cruise planner purchases??? You know, stuff you wouldn't normally purchase? A drink package, a cabana, the dining package? Basically, what you're gonna splurge on when this is all over?

    I would be thinking about those splurge purchases IF the prices were budging at ALL...but they’re not. It will be interesting to see prices (fares and CP purchases) come down to entice existing and loyal customers or if they go the route of maximizing prices.  I would think that #2 would be a mistake but I’m often wrong about such things !

  6. 32 minutes ago, mariner said:

    Thank you Waaaytooo. I didn't think so, but didn't hurt to ask. This is such a unique time and special circumstances have come into play, so one just never know. 

    Do you still plan on going on your September 2020 cruise?


    Yes, if it goes !  I’m planning on going on the May 16 cruise out of New Orleans, too....but I’m not very hopeful for that one...😢😢😢

  7. 2 hours ago, Andrew72681 said:

    We really liked our Junior Suite on Deck 8 on Harmony. It was behind chops which meant no interior rooms on the other side of the hall which cut down on traffic and hallway noise. 

    The only problem I had with the rooms behind the restaurants on 8 is that the one on the forward “hump” was a long walk to the aft elevators. Other than that, I also loved these rooms. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, AmberG said:

    So I opted to get the refund for my April 18 sailing. Does anyone know what all they keep from that amount. We prepaid gratuities and opted for Royal Caribbean travel insurance and taxes. Will all of those be refunded also? Anyone have any idea. They never said how much my refund would be or what they were withholding when I requested the refund.

    If things work the way have before, your taxes and prepaid gratuities will be refunded to your credit card.  I am not sure how the insurance will be handled.

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