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  1. When I log into my RC account on the computer, when I go to plan my cruise I see everything normal (excursions, drink packages, etc.)

    When I open the app and view my sailings, every option for plan my cruise says "We're putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information"

    When I go to the website on my phone and go to plan my cruise, it just keeps taking me back to the login screen. 

    I have updated the app. Does anyone else have these same issues? It's annoying only being able to browse options and excursions on a computer.

  2. I want to purchase the unlimited photo package for an Oct 2021 sailing and when I go to cruise planner, there are 4 options. Up to 100 prints for $134, 20 prints for $119, 10 prints for $97 and a private photo session for $159. There isn't an option for unlimited. On my soon to be cancelled Feb 2021 sailing, there isn't an unlimited shown either - largest is up to 50 prints. 

    Are there still unlimited packages available? 100 prints is still a lot and I will get that one but just wanted to check and see first. Thanks!

  3. 16 hours ago, Baked Alaska said:

    Go here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-deals. Then click on the Kids Sale Free (the left panel). Hope this helps!

    This is not working for me. When I click that, it's like it is showing me all of the available sailings. I can't find any that are showing as kids free. It may just be me and I need to use a different browser. 

    4 hours ago, Matt said:

    That's how I used to be able to see it but now it doesn't show that tab on mine. 

  4. Just now, Matt said:

    It's a program to donate to RoyalCaribbeanBlog. You pick a donation level, and every month it is auto donated. You can cancel at any time, or change your donation level at any time.

    There are also certain benefits to donating, including that warm fuzzy feeling you'll get for supporting the site!

    More info on how to sign up: https://www.patreon.com/RoyalCaribbeanBlog

    Ahhh...thanks. I knew what a patreon was but didn't put 2 and 2 together. I'll go check it out 

  5. 13 hours ago, Baked Alaska said:

    Hello everyone. Throughout all of this very stressful, boring, frustrating, aggravating, (enter your words here!) time, the one place that I have been able to come to raise my spirits, keep my eye on the prize, and just plain have some fun is THIS website and message boards. Even in our frustrating moments with RCL, all of us here (save for the occasional troll), have remained a community. I love that! I have saved time and money and have learned so much from all of you and @Matt. Money saved? THOUSANDS! So, with that in mind, I have become a Royal Caribbean Blog Insider. The amount I've paid to become an insider is small compared to what I have saved due to the knowledge I've gained from everyone here. My level won't stay the same, but I will continue to be an Insider as long as I cruise RCL. If I stray back to Disney, well, then I stray. So, if you're saving money and time because of this very website, please consider even a tish to become an insider.

    I'm still semi-new here and I have seen the word insider before but not sure what it is or that it's something you "become". I'll have to do a little research now 😃

  6. 1 hour ago, CGTLH said:

    Might help visualize the couch being being pulled out. The coffee table is split between the color carpet and tan carpet.


    Couch isn't pulled. However it might help visualize the coffee table location with the couch pulled out. Would say with the coffee table moved it would be aligned with the blue grid line on the tan carpet. 


    Thank you! Yes this helps a ton. We’re going to choose the loft. 

    Thank you everyone for your help!

  7. 26 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I am stairs-averse, so I would always choose the OS over the CLS but if I were traveling with “others” (more than just Dan and me), I might want a second bathroom.  I also do not care for the pole in the non-connected OS and I would never choose the OS if deck 14 was my only choice.  I can live with the “pole”.  We chose the OS 4 times over the CLS.  I prefer the extra space and the dining tables. I also love a bidet. 😳😳

    So there’s 9 OS (throughout floors 14, 11 and 10) and 18 CLS available so there’s a lot of options to choose from. The bidet may be the selling point though.....since we got one for home, it’s hard going places without it 😳

  8. 27 minutes ago, Ogilthorpe said:

    I was making that exact comparison and decision for our October Oasis sailing. Both are excellent options and both have notable features and Sky class perks.  The larger balcony , larger bathroom with walk in shower, extra space and proximity to the elevator for access to our favorite venues were pluses for the owners suite. The loft being on deck 17 for the view and access to CK and the lounge are attractive features. In the end, it came down to location of the available lofts that caused us to book the owners suite. The lofts available were in the back with their balconies facing the sports courts. Had they been ocean facing, it would have been a closer competition. One caveat with the owners suite, there are some with a pole in the entrance area. Specifically, 14640 as it is under splashaway bay. If that would be a negative, I would recommend watching room specific tour videos for the layouts.

    There are a good number of lofts available so I would definitely choose one that’s facing the ocean. If we weren’t bringing the kids I would choose the loft. I’m just debating if the extra space is more important than the extra bathroom. 

  9. I’m looking at an Oasis 7 night Western Caribbean sailing. It would be 2 adults and 2 kids (14 and 6).  I get the loft is on 17 so close to the lounge and CK and the additional bathroom is a HUGE plus. From what I’ve seen in photos and video walkthroughs, the OS is larger with larger balcony, plus I like the fact it has a large table so we could eat in room more comfortably. 

    We will be sailing on Allure in a 2 bedroom AQ a few months before this one. 

    Which would you pick?

  10. One of our local school districts sent out a survey of several different options of the upcoming school year and none of the options really affected the actual calendar days. I’m really curious to see what happens with our district. 

    I also really wish we would go to year round so it’ll be easier to plan vacations.

  11. 7 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

    @wannabecruiseexpert I think I was looking at that cruise, we are doing Halloween on Allure 2021 out of port Canaveral. I had to forgo my vacation time this year and will get extra next year, so I am looking to fill my time. I was thinking of a b2b with a Nov 7th date but my companions think Disney, Universal and two 7N cruises might be too much. So I am researching a "before the madness of amusement park" 4 or 5N cruise. Once you get bit by the crusting bug its hard to stop scratching that itch. These wonderful MEI agents just make the itch less painful🤩

    I really want to eventually do a holiday cruise. I love Halloween and I'm sure that will be a great one! We really lucked out in the dates for this one. 2 of our kids are in school and the "projected future draft" 2021/2022 school calendar has them out for this week. When we went in November we took 1 out of school (little one hasn't started yet) and I won't make it a habit of missing school for vacation.  Our go-to vacations have been a week at the beach or in the mountains. I 100% knew I was hooked the second I stepped on the first ship.

    1 hour ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    Yippee !  Michelle is the BEST.  I’m so glad you are working with her.  You are in for a wonderful treat with the ATS.  Having a true separate bedroom for the kids will be wonderful.  The views back there are amazing and the Genie...oh my goodness. We aren’t going to be a Star Class on the Oct 3 and 10 cruises but nice to know a new friend will be !

    The bedrooms are the reason I wanted this one so bad over the "better" available suites. I'm an early riser and the thought of someone sleeping on a couch sounds horrible to me because I will be up and about before the rest of the family even dreams of waking up.  We aren't "foodies" so all of the food photos from the blogs have been unbelievable....my experince so far on ships has consisted of MDR and WJ. That's it. However, I am most anxious about having the genie for debarkation. We stood in line for close to 1 1/2 hours on Indy just to get off and I NEVER want to experience that again. 

  12. She really is! Our first cruise I had no idea what I was doing and booked through a friend of a friend on Facebook. We were put in an upper/lower bunk type. First vacation with no kids and that’s what she put us in. I cried for a few days before finding out I could upgrade....through her and after a entirely too much money of course.


    Second cruise I booked through a different agent and we were going with other family members. It took so long to get her to answer emails to change our dining that it ended up being too late to be able to sit with the rest of the family.


    I’ve barely communicated with Michelle for more than a few days and I’m already working with her on an April ‘21 trip because I know she’ll be amazing. 


  13. Yeah I probably should have added more details ☺️
    General cruising backstory: Feb ‘19 was our first cruise ever, which was a 4 day inside with Carnival. It was just DH and myself. Kids stayed home and it was our first trip leaving them. One of our kids had never even stayed the night away from us. But the trip was amazing and getting out of “mommy mode” was really amazing. I was hooked. Nov ‘19 was our first with the kids and with Royal. Still an inside, but going from Carnival Elation to Indy was quite a shock. We should have been on one April ‘20 with the kids for spring break and then another this week for a milestone birthday. Missing this one had me feeling sad. 
    Backstory to this booking: I’ve been debating when we should schedule the next just so I can have something to look forward to.  I’ve been switching from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then back to Thanksgiving again. Until a few days ago when I saw a post on here about a good deal for Oct ‘21 on Allure. I looked and saw 2 star class cabins available so I went to a different site to get some quotes.
    I spent a day or so researching, and happened to read a post about the difference between booking with MEI so I sent a request through the website. Michelle emailed me back with quotes and   during our emails back and forth, I knew I only wanted to work with her. I didn’t care about the “so called perks” of using a different company. She has been so friendly and has answered every question so quickly. So today I checked the Royal website again and I wasn’t seeing the rooms available. I just knew I waited too long. I immediately emailed Michelle to see if they were still available and when she said yes, I asked about the 2brATS (please forgive my abbreviations/acronyms as I’m still trying to learn how everyone writes on here 😂)  because that was what I really wanted. When she said yes, all of my sadness immediately went away. I didn’t even know that she could see rooms available that I couldn’t. 

    So in a little over 500 days, I’ll be on a 7 nighter on Allure going to Cococay, Labadee, Nassau and (I think) Jamaica. I doubt I can wait that long so I’m sure I’ll have one or 2 between now and then but they definitely won’t be star class. I may spring for an ocean view or obstructed balcony.....maybe even a junior suite 😁

  14. I’m wanting to go ahead and book for 2021. The current KSF promotion is through 2020. It states new bookings only. Could I book now and if a later promotion fits my dates, could I cancel and then rebook the exact same room using the promotion? I know that the promotion isn’t guaranteed to even happen again and I know my dates could possibly not be included. But assuming all of that is true, it is possible?

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