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  1. It's Spring Break for us as well, my son is super excited! He is 12...what ages do y'all have?
  2. If a lanyard is ideal for you....this is what I use at work so I'm able to keep it around my neck and use the retractable reel to scan my badge. This one is from Amazon. They have ones that include the plastic badge holder.
  3. following......I almost ordered the at home for an Oct cruise but was holding out to see any feedback on those who have used it and had no issues boarding ?
  4. Submitted my son's on 12 Aug and selected non-expedited with an 18 week estimation. We will see ?
  5. Just checked Carnival's website and they accept as well. Reading is fundamental ?
  6. Has anyone used the Binax (supervised one) for RCCL? I clicked the link to order and saw the initial link is to the un-supervised one. It had the link to the supervised one that was 6 tests for $150. Waiting to see if Carnival follows suit for an Oct cruise.
  7. I was emailed by Nadia (about 6 days out) at [email protected] Happy Sailing ?
  8. What boat are you going on with Carnival? I am booked on the Mardi Gras in Oct....enticed by the no mask policy for the vaccinated. I was super irritated by the policy change yesterday (they didn't even offer to allow cancellations like RCCL did when they changed rules) but I keep telling myself (just like when I went on the Freedom last month) a cruise is better than no cruise!! Trying to stay positive!!!
  9. Hey there 12thman. I haven't stayed in this type of suite yet. We were going to try it out for that reason though. We got cancelled on the Odyssey in a Star Class suite and jumped when I saw one open up on this sailing.
  10. Hello there. I just released a 1br AquaTheater suite for this sailing (departing from Miami) to jump into a Star Loft Suite in case someone has been looking.
  11. I'm in the same boat. 11yr old's passport expires in Feb 2022 and have an April 2022 cruise on the Oasis. I went to schedule the appt to do in person and they are scheduling 4 weeks out. So 4+18= RIDICILOUS!!! Good luck to all ?
  12. I was on the Freedom the 5-9th and my son's testing was a debacle, I hope yours goes smoother! If you arrive at your time and no hiccups happen it should be fairly quick. Our experience was a little different. We went to the testing line (after pre-registering for the test when the initial email came) we were told they couldn't find it in the system and to go back to the previous station. Once there, they started to input the info when the other station came back saying they had found it. We went back. Once we got the paperwork we went to the testing station. The tester verified the birthday, which was wrong so we had to go back. Once it was fixed we went back to the testing station and the tester said it was the wrong paper so we started to go back. The supervisor said to go ahead and do the test and the correct paper was coming. I will say the test itself was quick and painless, a couple swirls around the nostrils (not to your brain like others). My son didn't seem to mind it at all. We were then sent upstairs to wait. We were told it would be 40 minutes. Once upstairs we had to wait for an email with results. After almost an hour I checked with the person at the desk. She checked and said that the test was invalid and was being run again. We waited an additional close to an hour and I checked with her again. She said it was negative and it should be sent in a few minutes. We finally got it and were able to board. We were determined to have a good time despite that. Good luck and have a great time!
  13. I was on the boat for this incident and now some things make sense. Our cabin was on the 8th deck as well. The elevator wouldn't stop on the 8th deck and when we went via the stairs the door to the staterooms was closed. We opened the door to find crew members on the inside who allowed us to go to our room in the aft section of the boat. When we left the room we went to the hallway and were stopped by crew in the hazmat suits informing us to go around. They were doing crew drills during the day so were weren't sure what was going on.
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