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  1. How does one get into the Casino Comp side of the house?? My new found Star addiction might be in need of some alternatives!
  2. Initially I started out in balcony rooms on Disney before moving to a 1BR Concierge Suite. When I moved I’ve to RCCL I started out in a Grand Suite, then a Crown Loft Suite. More escalation on Disney took us to the Roy O. Disney Suite and I thought I would be ruined forever. This summer we did a 2BR Grand Suite when cruising started back up. We just finished our first STAR Class experience on the Oasis in a Sky Loft Suite (although slightly confused booking online said Star Loft) and I know I am ruined forever. We are now booked for a 2BR Aqua Theater Suite for next Spring Break!!! Welcome to the dark side!!
  3. I just got off the Oasis this morning and they still required it during the week. We were also told from some of the crew that we needed masks to disembark, although the crew member that was escorting us off said no we didn’t have them. Some other of the crew were going down the line offering masks for anyone who needed them. I put mine on long enough to see the porters and other staff from the terminal weren’t wearing theirs. I’m now sitting at the airport about to fly home with FULL FACE FREEDOM!!!! This feels awesome!
  4. One day to go!!! We are at the airport heading down. Can’t wait to get on tomm! Safe travels for everyone!!!
  5. I took my son on 4 cruises as a single parent and didn’t have any issues. The first time was just with birth certificate. Once I figured we had the cruise bug I went ahead and got him a passport.
  6. I'm on this sailing with you. By the looks of your suite.....that's one of my Royal Ups that won't work :). We are in a Star Loft Suite with Shane as our Genie. I have the eMed tests and plan to take them Fri before we fly out on Sat. I'm so excited for this one....first time with a Genie!!! Do you have an excursions planned? We are still looking. I really wanted to see Chichen Itza but the 7 hrs looks a little daunting!
  7. I have not done the test myself yet, but I am on the same sailing with you and have the same plan. I did find an article that talked about creating accounts for the minors. How to use eMed and the Navica app to access the only CDC approved, home-based COVID-19 testing kit - MyHealthyApple I downloaded the NAVICA app (which it says you have to have an account to do the test) and added my son's profile to mine. All that's left is to take the tests on Friday! Happy sailing :)
  8. It's one of those things you just can never go back on. I started sailing in balcony on Disney then moved to 1BR suite. When we started on RCCL we went straight to a Grand suite, then a Crown Loft, then a 2BR Grand suite. This next one is a Star Loft and our first time SC with a Genie :). We are so excited...counting down to 17 Apr. I apologize in advance for the lines we will bypass but it's one of those sorry not sorry ones :)
  9. 15 days and counting……just got this email yesterday though. A little sad
  10. Not sure what to make of this, just thought I’d share.
  11. Hello everyone! Counting down at 27 days till Spring Break cruise. Has anyone booked with Trip Advisor for shore excursions? Any must see in Cozumel, Roatan, or Costa Maya? Thanks!
  12. awesome thanks!!! My son will be three weeks short of his 12th bday
  13. Yes, thank you! Also I noticed they don't have a category for under 11 that ARE vaccinated for testing requirements. The Antigen tests would make that so much easier if allowed.
  14. It's Spring Break for us as well, my son is super excited! He is 12...what ages do y'all have?
  15. If a lanyard is ideal for you....this is what I use at work so I'm able to keep it around my neck and use the retractable reel to scan my badge. This one is from Amazon. They have ones that include the plastic badge holder.
  16. following......I almost ordered the at home for an Oct cruise but was holding out to see any feedback on those who have used it and had no issues boarding ?
  17. Submitted my son's on 12 Aug and selected non-expedited with an 18 week estimation. We will see ?
  18. Just checked Carnival's website and they accept as well. Reading is fundamental ?
  19. Has anyone used the Binax (supervised one) for RCCL? I clicked the link to order and saw the initial link is to the un-supervised one. It had the link to the supervised one that was 6 tests for $150. Waiting to see if Carnival follows suit for an Oct cruise.
  20. I was emailed by Nadia (about 6 days out) at [email protected] Happy Sailing ?
  21. What boat are you going on with Carnival? I am booked on the Mardi Gras in Oct....enticed by the no mask policy for the vaccinated. I was super irritated by the policy change yesterday (they didn't even offer to allow cancellations like RCCL did when they changed rules) but I keep telling myself (just like when I went on the Freedom last month) a cruise is better than no cruise!! Trying to stay positive!!!
  22. Hey there 12thman. I haven't stayed in this type of suite yet. We were going to try it out for that reason though. We got cancelled on the Odyssey in a Star Class suite and jumped when I saw one open up on this sailing.
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