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  1. This is not the case, even if you pay off your cruise if there is a price drop and you claim it and it's before final payment you will receive it as a credit on your CC (the one you used to pay for your cruise) The RC agent has no control over this, the system will either process a refund or OBC depending on final payment date.
  2. You can log into your Casino Royale account to see the actual points you have accumulated during the year. https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/ use your C&A number and last name to login (points take about 2 weeks to post from your last cruise) That way you will know how much you invested to get those offers.... 1 point is $5 on slots
  3. We really enjoyed Christmas and NYE on a cruise ship in the past. They are so much fun and the menus on both big nights are upgraded in the MDR. This year we will be on Navigator out of LA for both so we are very exited to finally be able to sail on RC out of California again.
  4. I found the same thing. I drink Gin & Tonic or Vodka Soda and at first felt they were weak. I normally just order Vodka or Gin...on our last cruises in September we were ordering Grey Goose and Bombay and in both cases they are much smoother than the well swill. I was getting just as drunk as before but no hangover in the morning.(this was a nice change) So I think it's just that the better quality of the alcohol made it less apparent in the drink. Not 100% sure but I liked it!
  5. Wow, I was shocked that back in September we were on the Ovation out of Seattle and we never touched a foreign port during our Alaska cruises but they had no tax on anything....not even on Duty Free. While sailing in Europe they add tax to everything.... Can't imagine what tax they can charge on Coco Cay....maybe the ship needs to touch Mexico to be tax free....
  6. Wow very cool! The Nordic Prince....that was Royals second ship....back in 1971.
  7. But they come in really great boxes....and they do look kind of expensive....
  8. We will be onboard for 3 weeks starting late Nov. but I was hoping that numbers were going to be below 3000....oh well. I guess its a good sign that things are getting back to normal.
  9. So once its open does it stay open or will they close it again if the numbers drop?
  10. We were on a Christmas and New Years cruise a few years ago out of Baltimore.....and on boarding day it was snowing.... This was the Grandeur of the Seas.
  11. I wonder at what percentage Royal will start opening the WJ for dinner? Maybe 70%?
  12. Maybe when the passenger counts get a bit higher they will open it up again.
  13. I'm just looking to book now for Nov 20th and I looks like it's cheaper if you book something a couple of days out instead of 30 days out.... I think I will take a chance and wait...everything near the port is over $250 right now...
  14. We always use UBER, it's cheap and fast and no waiting for other people.
  15. We will also be aboard, really looking forward to getting back on Oasis....We were also able to change our check in time to 1pm from 2pm.
  16. Hey this makes sense...I fell for the World cruise idea but this makes more sense.
  17. Hopefully they will offer these tests in Canada. We have no issue with shortages but it just seems so much easier to be able to do it at home.
  18. Some people are commenting that the big news is a World Cruise.....anyone hear anything?
  19. Diamond is the level to reach. Access to the Diamond Lounge and 4 drink vouchers each day of the cruise. The drinks can be had at any bar on the ship and up to $13 each. The Diamond Lounge has a light breakfast in the mornings and great appetizers from 5-8 plus a great Expresso/Latte machine for coffee all day. Worth trying to get to 80 cruise days to reach this level!
  20. I think he is still on Oasis but I'm not sure for how much longer.
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