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  1. They were all on Liberty of the Seas. 1000 kids is the number we were told. about 3000 passengers total...so 1/3 were kids.
  2. Maybe I was making it for difficult lol. I was thinking that it would affect the buoyancy or something.
  3. I just looked up Magic Carpet as I had no idea what it is. Wow...that is cool!
  4. It's going to be interesting watching this play out. I doubt RCL puts the first ICON ship in Galveston but the second one...maybe??
  5. Carnival announced that its new LNG ship Jubilee will be based in Galveston when it launches in 2023. For competition purposes, there may be an Icon in Galveston sooner rather than later...
  6. Interesting. I wonder what the engineering dynamics are behind that??
  7. Lol. I could do a solo 5 day cruise (10 C&A points) - I'm in driving distance to Galveston so it's really not a crazy cost...I could do it for under $300. The drinks of a 14 day cruise would be a game changer (I don't drink much at all so just enough for me).
  8. Hi All! I have a cruise booked on Anthem for June. I'm in a solo cabin. If I take one more cruise before that then I'll be Diamond by that point. Is it worth it to get bumped up to Diamond? Should I make the ultimate sacrifice and "force" myself on a 7 day cruise to get the status? lol It's a 14 day cruise.
  9. So you don't lose the promotion points by changing the room? I was worried about this.
  10. This was kind of my thought...that could almost pay for another cruise later in the year.
  11. Would you upgrade from an interior stateroom to a junior suite for $500 per person on Liberty of the Seas (7 day sailing). I'll be with my 7 year old kid. What are the benefits? It seems like a low enough price jump for a bigger jump in stateroom category.
  12. According to our conversation, the November sailings are the last ones here and then it doesn’t sail until January out of HK. I’m just the messengers though…that’s just what he said to me.
  13. I just had a long chat with a RCCL employee and asked about this. It's not listed for us but on his side he said it's coming to the US and then it goes to the Mediterranean. That is where it will stay until it comes back to the states until November of 2022. Then it's going to sail empty to Hong Kong and there are sailings out of Hong Kong starting in January.
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