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    SSprouse reacted to brianmorris in Grease on Independence   
    Grease on Independence is a production show. However, I did learn from the backstage tour that it was changed and abbreviated slightly with the approval of the Broadway producers to allow for a shorter runtime on the ship that wouldn’t require an intermission.
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    SSprouse reacted to USCG Teacher in Do you take your passport or just a copy of with you on excursions?   
    So, as this thread has clearly demonstrated, the final answer to this question is

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    SSprouse reacted to StayFrosty in New AO concerns   
    It doesn't matter how you group the ages, you will never please everybody.  If you do smaller groups people are mad that their kids can't be together and if you do larger groups people are mad that the range is too large.  (I am not saying that anyone's concerns here are not legitimate just that it is impossible to meet everyone's expectations)
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    SSprouse reacted to Allen2 in Ft. Lauderdale, Uber or park at port?   
    Added thought:  depending on number of ships in port, Uber, taxis, and shuttles get overwhelmed in FLL.  Agree totally with parking at port!
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    SSprouse reacted to twangster in Grand Cayman - Time for Non-RC Excursion   
    Suggest you review the cancellation and refund policy of any 3rd party tours just in case winds are up and GC is skipped at the last minute.  
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    SSprouse reacted to PG Cruiser in magnetic hooks not allowed on planes?   
    I did not get them from Amazon, I got them from a magnet company.  They're not very strong (3.5 lbs)
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    SSprouse reacted to Flacruiser99 in magnetic hooks not allowed on planes?   
    I use these https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B077PZLX6M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 they are great.
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    SSprouse got a reaction from foxrunner in magnetic hooks not allowed on planes?   
    Can you tell me what strength these are? If you have an Amazon link even better! Thanks!
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    SSprouse reacted to bobroo in Scuba Diving in Cozumel?   
    I would, they do a good job there. But as a new diver whose C card is just as fresh as your Seapass, don't eliminate the ships excursion from being a great experience and finding some other passengers who are <surprise> exactly at the same level your are. And, the task loading of the ships excursion is like, 0.
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    SSprouse reacted to IslandHopperPro in First RC cruise, advice please!   
    Wow, so many to mention. You'll gets lots here from others but my tip is:  From our experience, upon meeting our cabin steward at embarkation we tip them on Day 1 half the amount we would tip them for the whole cruise, then the balance at the end. This creates goodwill & we always believe this is why we have a great relationship and service from our steward throughout the cruise.
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    SSprouse got a reaction from KaydenDeen in Coffee Card   
    Is it worth is just for better black coffee? I don't really add things to my coffee but I do like a premium coffee bean. 
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    SSprouse got a reaction from bobroo in Scuba Diving in Cozumel?   
    Thank you!! I am just starting to research this as we didn't think we would be able to dive this trip. I do think we would be more comfortable with a boat dive and a guide as we don't dive that often so I like to feel like help is nearby. 
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    SSprouse reacted to micahd in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Nobody ever says this one;  bring a watch set to ships time. It gives us ultimate peace of mind when in port and out on excursions.
    Cell phones can change time when the connect to the cell network at port and for us, we prefer to leave the phones off and locked up in the safe anyway.
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    SSprouse reacted to dancingfish in What's one tip or trick you use/love the most?   
    Make a few copies of your passport. Keep a paper copy in your suitcase and then email a copy to yourself and someone in your family who is NOT on the cruise with you. 
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    SSprouse reacted to MaryCS62 in Cancelling some passengers in a cabin and handicap accessible rooms   
    DD is handicapped -- CP, can walk, but uses a wheelchair on the cruise for safety & because she's not very fast 😃. We request a shower chair for her, (it's a basic, small stool size one -- something like this --  https://www.amazon.com/HEALTHLINE-Adjustable-Non-Slip-Bathroom-Disabled/dp/B073VS8B4T/ref=sr_1_44?keywords=small+shower+stool+no+back&qid=1573312635&s=hpc&sr=1-44) because she is unsteady at the best of times, and if the ship is rocking at all, she will fall.  At least on Adventure, there are grab bars in the showers, which I myself need, and handheld shower heads.  I use a cane, myself, & use that to steady myself for getting in and out of the shower, for stability.
    Just ask your TA (or call Royal if you are booking yourself) & ask them to attach the request to your reservation. If it's not there when you get to your cabin, just ask your room steward to get it for you.  
    You probably wouldn't have any luck getting a handicap accessible cabin anyway -- they go very quickly, because people who do genuinely need them tend to book as soon as possible -- 1-2 years out.  Those, I believe, are roll in showers, for wheelchair users.
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