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Grand Cayman - Time for Non-RC Excursion

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I know Grand Cayman is a tender port and I'm wondering what time is reasonable to book a non-RC excursion. We are slated to arrive at 7am and the excursion I am looking at is at 9am. If that is too early, what time do you think is reasonable so I can look at other options. 

We will not have the Key or any other priority departure and I know those with excursions through RC have priority. Thoughts? Royal Caribbean isn't offering what we want, Stingray City, Turtle Farm and Reef Snorkel. Thanks! 

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I think you will be fine with that timing. We tendered in Grand Cayman last month and it wasn’t bad at all. They began issuing tender tickets about 2 hours before the first scheduled tender and if you get there early you should have no problem getting a low ticket number. The tender boats were quite large and they usually have several running, especially first thing when you arrive. Usually when you book the third party excursions they request your ship info including time your arrive/depart. They rely on ship passengers for business and definitely want to work with you to make your excursion happen. Have fun!

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Stingray Boat Tours will probably get you 2 out of 3. I had signed up with Stingray Sailing (well reviewed) for a tour but due to some complications we couldn't get off the boat in time so missed the excursion. They refunded us our deposit even though they were well within their rights to not do so.

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