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Scuba Diving in Cozumel?

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The dive operator for RCL in Cozumel is Sand Dollar Sports.

There are over 120 some dive operations on Cozumel. So, there are a lot of choices. Knowing your expected arrival time and spending time online with Google maps and looking at reviews; porting in San Miguel is an excellent learning lesson in how to chose an outside dive provider when on a cruise. Start a spreadsheet.

Personally? I use Cozumel Marine World for a whole bunch of good reasons. I can walk there from the port. I can eat at Ernesto's Tortilla Factory for lunch. And no matter what time the ship actually arrives or an unanticipated worst case scenario; I can rent an aluminum 80 and shore dive solo right off their dock. No questions asked.

FYI: I just returned from a week of diving in Coz, don't let the reef closures worry you. There is plenty of great diving in other areas, your boat ride is just a little longer. 

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I would, they do a good job there. But as a new diver whose C card is just as fresh as your Seapass, don't eliminate the ships excursion from being a great experience and finding some other passengers who are <surprise> exactly at the same level your are. And, the task loading of the ships excursion is like, 0.

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