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  1. We were in the same boat (but different ship, lol). We had Symphony booked for July 3. We already went through a cancellation and refund last year on Harmony. It wasn’t terrible but did take some time plus the added disappointment. So we took the newly added “Door 3” and moved our deposit over to Adventure out of Nassau for the same dates. We got a bigger room thanks to Michelle at MEI and we’re paying less, for a cruise we believe will actually happen. With no test cruises planned yet, you have to assume we’re still at least 90 days out from any cruises to resume. And since not all ships will start immediately or could be booked too full, cancellations will still likely happen at that point. If you stick with it I really hope your cruise sails!
  2. I just continue to try it on multiple devices. It seems to work worst on my phone and best on my laptop. It’s working again now for me (on my phone). The “sale” doesn’t seem to be helping much, and now the water park is back to $89 both days so I’m glad I grabbed that at $53. Trying to book any unlimited dining also appears to be unavailable still. Clearly Royal is still trying to work out some glitches which is understandable given how quickly everything has happened lately.
  3. Thanks, it did come back last night. Just a heads up, for the second day at Coco Cay, some prices are significantly cheaper for our July 3 sailing. Water park goes from $89 to $53 which is interesting. I believe the Beach Club was similar so worth taking a look!
  4. Air2Sea stated a $100 discount on our flights. Definitely saved close to $400 for our family of 4 on American in July (PHL) so this was a nice surprise. On another note, yesterday I was able to look at Cruise Planner but today I get the “This sailing has been suspended...” message. Anyone else getting this?
  5. We'll be with you on that cruise and we're hoping for the same but it will be great either way! Thanks Michelle from MEI! We were still hoping our July cruise on Symphony would happen and had no plans to switch to Adventure today. Now we have an awesome room on a cruise that is going to happen!
  6. Still showing 16 days to go for our cancelled Harmony cruise. I need to close that tab and stop depressing myself!
  7. I agree, I don’t know of a bad ocean view balcony on Oasis class ships. In theory you could get whichever cabin no one else chooses, but it doesn’t necessarily work like that. Royal typically assigns a temporary cabin at the time of booking which ultimately may become your room. Try the Apple Wallet hack to see what that is. We have an ocean view balcony guarantee on Harmony next month (not yet cancelled). Our room ended up being the room next to our cabin from last August. We chose that room so we’re obviously happy. So crazy!
  8. Two parks technically, both in the Disneyland Resort, effective March 14. Resorts there close March 16. As of now, Downtown Disney stays open. This is in response to the California governor requesting no large gatherings of people. This is happening in NJ as well as other states I’m sure, so Florida may not be far behind. Until today I really believed we’d make it on our Harmony cruise in April. Now I’m not feeling great about it.
  9. Here is where I learned it:
  10. Yes, the numbers under the barcode after the hyphen. Again this could always change, but others have reported this ended up being their room.
  11. Did you try the Apple Wallet hack (send your Set Sail Pass to Wallet if you have an iPhone) to see your room assignment? It worked for us and we’re still 36 days out. It could still change but it shows the room they’re holding for you.
  12. We’re still waiting on our official notification for our April Harmony cruise, but the Apple Wallet hack did reveal a stateroom number. Crazy thing is it’s literally the cabin next to the one we stayed in last August. I assume it’s just a coincidence as I imagine it’s computers making these assignments? Thanks for sharing the hack, it’s nice to know where we might end up!
  13. There are a bunch of options, but goport.com is one of the biggest. They’ll pick you up at your resort and may stop at other resorts before taking you to the Port. It’s reasonable and gets you there fairly quickly. My preference is to rent a car so I can make a quick stop for bottled water and wine. Depending on how many people there are in your party, the cost can be close. Alamo is on Disney property and very close to the port.
  14. Can anyone confirm that the sunken plane is still there? I’ve heard it was removed and it doesn’t seem to appear on maps anymore. We enjoyed snorkeling around the jetty at Chill Beach back in August where we saw some small fish and a ray. Last month the surf was rough and we weren’t allowed past the jetty making snorkeling impossible If there’s a better place to snorkel I’d love to hear about it.
  15. We also love breakfast on the balcony at least once or twice per cruise. It’s one of our kids’ favorite things to do. We were a little lost on our last cruise when we had an interior, it just wasn’t the same!
  16. Jumped on my April Harmony sailing as well, was in the $80 range before it opened this past weekend I’d be tempted around $50 but I’m okay without it too. I’ll drink a few Coco Locos and eat several Snack Shack chicken sandwiches instead.
  17. I understand what you’re saying and you’re right, we’ll have to see what happens if Royal tries two (fully booked) Oasis class ships or even 3+ ships. But I think the concern is valid. Even your least developed island has more excursion options than CocoCay to spread guests out. As great a job as they’ve done with the island, it’s still primarily a beach port and there are a finite number of chairs available, particularly as more cabanas and beach beds are added. While the capacity may be higher than they’ve attempted yet, many fear that the experience will change significantly with more guests. Only time will tell if it’s an issue or not. From my own experience I felt the difference was obvious between a day on Harmony and a day with Mariner and Navigator in port. We still managed to have a great day, but I’d argue a few thousand more guests might affect that opinion. Of course Royal says this is only Phase 1 for the island, so maybe we’ll see even more capacity added down the line to facilitate more (and bigger) ships in port on the same day. As others have said, today’s charters aren’t a great indication and who knows, maybe that’s the only time it will even happen. I’m sure it was a fun day!
  18. It sounds like they might be, although I would keep checking back as it can change. Either way, you can also check once on board and there is always a standby line. We never had an issue getting into shows last August on Harmony, just had to get there early and understand we might not get the “best” seats sometimes.
  19. I don’t think you have to worry much on board and at CocoCay. Royal attempts to sell out every sailing so it’s not really any busier than normal just because it’s peak season. To me that’s the beauty of cruising compared to say Disney, where crowds will be insane. You just typically pay more for peak season cruises. As was shared above, you can avoid crowds on board by eating at different venues or off peak times. We also find it best to experience the activities on board early in the week as everyone is trying to pack in all they missed during the last couple of days.
  20. We sailed on Indy for two 5 night cruises to Mexico before the amplification. We really enjoyed both and it worked well since we only had the six days to be away. Sailed Harmony this past August to the Eastern Caribbean. Incredible ship unmatched by any others and the perfect amount of time. We enjoyed it so much we’re returning to her in April for the Western Caribbean. If you can swing it I would certainly recommend Harmony over the others, but we’d also do 5 nights on Indy again if we didn’t have the 7 nights to give. Did 3 nights on Mariner last month since it was all that would work. Had fun but would stick to a minimum of 4-5 nights going forward.
  21. It’s unlikely they’ll do much in the staterooms based on all of the other amplifications. While what they have done to each ship is amazing, it is a shame that the staterooms are ignored, especially on the Voyager class ships that are approaching 20+ years old. We were on Mariner a few weeks ago. the ship was beautiful and felt new everywhere but the room. We honeymooned on her in 2004 and nothing had changed. The room was clean overall but felt dated and tired which we noted in the post cruise survey. Most resorts on land will refresh their rooms every 5-10 years, I’d argue Royal should do the same. It’s especially noticeable since some of the newer ships have debuted a more modern look.
  22. Welcome! I have never been on Carnival and won’t trash them, but all you have to do is pull up next to one of their ships in port to start seeing the differences. Royal just does it right in my opinion. You have lots of options out of Florida. You could do a shorter 3-4 night cruise on Navigator (Miami) or Mariner (Port Canaveral) to get a taste of it. Or you could opt for a longer cruise so you don’t blink and it’s over. I’d suggest either Harmony or Symphony for the best of what Royal has to offer. I don’t think you can go wrong there. Good luck and have fun planning!
  23. Yes, the Cruise Compass is referencing the MDR attire for the night. On these shorter cruises, it tends to be more casual. You can feel comfortable wearing jeans pretty much every night, just no shorts (that’s what they will say but you’ll still see them). Specialty dining is listed as smart casual.
  24. As someone else said, this is how Disney does it. We did one cruise last year on the Dream, and our kids (6 and 10 at the time) were not fans. While DCL had a great interactive area, it was simply too many kids and too big an age range for them to make friends and enjoy themselves like they do at AO. The Disney staff had very little interaction with the kids, they were mostly there to handle pickup/dropoff and general crowd control. Shocking to us our kids were one and done with DCL and (fortunately for us) they choose Royal every time now. I teach all grades in a K-6 elementary school so I see these age ranges on a daily basis. The students love when they get to work together with higher or lower grades, but most of the time they are obviously separated and for good reason. My 12 year olds are ready to be middle schoolers while my kindergartners are just learning to be students. Would the fear of something bad happening stop me from letting my kids go? No, as that can happen anywhere, even in age restricted groups. Do I think this is the best way to group them? No, and I think my kids would likely opt out like they did on Disney. This would be a shame as AO is one of the things they look forward to most on a cruise (as do we). This is likely in response to the many parents who won't split their kids up, as well as the kids who won't go alone without a sibling. We were on Mariner a few weeks ago and there weren't enough 9-11 year olds so they combined with 6-8. It worked okay but our 11 year old didn't enjoy it nearly as much as she had in the past. There's just something special about them having their own group and counselors. Count me as one hoping this doesn't get expanded fleet-wide.
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