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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to mworkman in Labor Day Sale   
    @princevaliantus  What did you expect to see, an actual sale? LOL  Look for prices to double real soon. 🙄 Unless we call in the big gun's... Oh Matt, could you wave your magic sword around to RCCL and give us a true 50% off sale 😂😂😂
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to princevaliantus in Labor Day Sale   
    This is the same sale that has gone on the entire summer. So, actually, it isn't a Labor Day sale. Just a "sucker is born everyday" sale! 😂
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in Bottomless Galley Brunch   
    Wonder how the title is Bottomless Galley Brunch but it says select ONE from each category.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers got a reaction from jill wozhere in Frequency of Alcohol Fuelled Incidences   
    We’ve been on 20 cruises in total. The first 6 were on another cruise line. We stopped cruising with that line partly because there were to many intoxicated people and we like to drink! Along with being loud there would be lots of bad language, inappropriate drunk behavior and we saw a number of fights.
    One time in particular about 15 years ago  on a cruise, sitting at a bar in evening talking with a really nice older couple probably in mid 70’s. The woman shook a little and had previously had a stroke. Some drunk guy came up he over heard her saying to me that in her day she had been a looker, she was still quite lovely. He immediately started hurling insults at her calling her an old hag! I was shocked at such appalling behavior. It was really upsetting. 
    In our 13 cruises with Royal Caribbean we have seen people who probably shouldn’t have had so much to drink. Never have we seen any offensive behavior, fights or anything we’d deem inappropriate. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers got a reaction from kittysoul in Fly into Orlando Int. or Melbourne airport for cruise.....?   
    I live near Melbourne. We are south of the port. Traffic wouldn’t really be issue but drive time is probably about the same as Orlando (MCO). Melbourne you drive though town with traffic lights Orlando is straight shot on highway. 
    Pro’s- to using Melbourne very small airport so you are in and out fast! Usually what ever flight you’re on is only one at that time. So no long security lines. 
    Con’s- No direct flights and Melbourne is usually more expensive. 
    When I travel I like using Melbourne because I live here. If I didn’t and was going on a cruise use Orlando. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to basil in Frequency of Alcohol Fuelled Incidences   
    My daughter and I had a drunk lady ask if my daughter's breasts were real and then touched them to see. Don't worry my daughter is 25, plus her dad was there in case it got any weirder.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to SPS in Frequency of Alcohol Fuelled Incidences   
    I've never seen any problems with the "over-served". Just people having fun and not even getting all that loud.
    Thankfully, I have also never BEEN a problem after being "over-served"
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Frequency of Alcohol Fuelled Incidences   
    The types of incidents that make the news are few and far between.  Things can happen with or without alcohol when people perceive someone has done them wrong.  On an increasing basis people are easily offended when they see something that isn't their way of living.  A few people drinking and talking loudly in a hot tub is just good fun and enjoyable to some people but downright outlandish and god forsaking to someone who doesn't drink based on their religion.  
    I was on a cruise over Super Bowl and didn't observe any outlandish drunken behavior or fights yet people went into a FB group to complain "drunken people were all over the place wreaking havoc on their vacation the whole cruise".  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to SPS in Smaller ships phased out?   
    Royal still needs the smaller ships to Embark/Disembark and visit smaller ports. In particular, the ports of Baltimore and Tampa cannot accommodate the larger ships in which Vision class ships sail from. (Vision, Rhapsody, Grandeur, Enchantment)
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to kat_1226 in 30 More Allure Itineraries Changed   
    I feel like that way about PR. I'll most likely just stay on board.  😌
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Irieman in 30 More Allure Itineraries Changed   
    Sailing on AOS the end of Janaury and just got the dreaded broken propulsion email. I am a super optimistic guy who loves sailing once or twice a year but this is the second port switch to Nassau in a month. First rerouted from Havana on Majesty and now we won't make Roatan so back to Nassau.
    I am sure we will have a great time but Roatan was going to be a highlight. 
    Seems like Nassau is the Bermunda Triangle of cruise changes. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in How to best utilize the Drink Package   
    I also find it easy to "Get your Moneys worth" if you are literally comparing the price of the drinks with the package price.  This is EXACTLY what RCL wants you to do.  The real question is whether you would buy all those drinks if you didn't have the package.  A lot of people say this and I know it to be true, often with the package i find myself just getting a drink because I can.  The reason why the packages became available is exactly that reason, not enough people were  spending 350.00 per person on drinks each but we all know what happens when we have a ALL YOU CAN EAT / DRINK package, we make sure we are doing the math to get our moneys worth.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to YOLO in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    For me, I guess my threshold is very low.  I have never bought a RCL drink package!  A week ago my October 9N Anthem dropped to $44 but we did not bite.  Currently it is still only $51, but that is over $1K in total for the 9N cruise.  With tax and tip that $51 turns into $60 pppd (per person per day).  We only paid $90 pppd for the total cruise.  When I see the numbers I say NO way!  We will stick with the free Diamond well drinks as people call them.  They work for us!

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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    My Max is 50 a day not because I can break even with 5 terribly overpriced drinks but because over 7 days plus 18% I feel that's the max where I personally find value in the benefit.
    Drinking to drink because you have a package is a chore and with all of the food its not all that fun. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to YOLO in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    That's was NCL does!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to sk8erguy1978 in Straws?   
    Exactly why I will just bring plastic straws! However, you've made me realize to spring for the ones individually wrapped so I can toss a few anywhere!
    Edit: Just went on Amazon and bought 200 individually wrapped straws for $8.00, I spent a little extra for the colorful ones. With upwards of 14 friends on board, I should buy two boxes LOL!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to sk8erguy1978 in Straws?   
    I like this idea the best. Not that metal straws are expensive, but seems easier to carry a bunch (maybe 10?) on you and just go back to stateroom for more. You can even be kind and give them out. I have no problem reusing a plastic straw (I do it at home), just less worry of losing it or cleaning it or whatever.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to jticarruthers in Straws?   
    Pretty sure the paper ones are bad for tree life though ... 😉
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Straws?   
    Not only worthless but actually change the taste of your drink.  AWFUL !  I can't believe Royal fell for the great straw hoax !
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to marti314 in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    How much more than 15.50 (After Gratuity) for a blended drink can they charge?
    Anyone ever wonder if they can sell a 1 LITER bottle of STOLI for 10.00 on the ship how much they must be getting it for?  Lets say its 6.00 and there are approx 22 shots in one bottle, YES that 10.00 stoli and soda water is really 35 - 50 cents worth of product itself.  Since RCL is not paying the same US taxes on liquor that bars and restaurants on land there is more profit in these drink packages than people realize, even if you drink 30 drinks a day.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to kontraxed in Drink Package Price Increase!!   
    Pretty soon you'll buy the drink package and they'll throw in the cruise.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Drink packages increase for 2019/2020 sailings   
    The price that is posted on the website is the “base” price for the UDP. On top of that you must prepay the 18% gratuity.  Once you pay the full price (base + gratuity) you are fully paid. If you purchase drinks one at a time (no package) you will pay the cost of the drink + 18% gratuity.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to monctonguy in Drink packages increase for 2019/2020 sailings   
    Its over $100 in CAD.....in some cases close to double the cost of the cruise...insane....but Royal will continue to raise prices on everything they can to max profits....I just cant wait till they reach the break point and have to start cutting pricing to keep and attract customers....its going to happen.....just a matter of time...they are going to price themselves out of the middle class.......
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to mattymay in Drink packages increase for 2019/2020 sailings   
    Deluxe Beverage Package is no longer worth it. I've tried but I simply cannot get through $90 worth of alcohol a day for 7 days straight anymore!

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    CoupleOfCruisers got a reaction from PRebecca in Hi all ...   
    Thank you all! Now how do I get my picture to fit? 😆 
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