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  1. The 3 night is $31 more per person (on my sailing, $109 vs $80) and doesn't mention any restrictions. You might be able to do chops x 2 and something else as a third. On my sailing chops is $54.99 per person so you'd come out ahead.
  2. Looking at terms and conditions WAY at the bottom:
  3. As a "computer geek" I feel attacked. LOL ?
  4. Same. I only have one cruise booked in September but a final payment quickly approaching. Wife and I are considering cancelling before payment then waiting to see what happens over the summer before making plans with our FCCs (only two cruise deposits, nowhere near what some here probably have). Her starting a new job does help the decision too, "now you don't have to awkwardly ask for time off already" LOL.
  5. I was just headed to RCLs site to look this up to tell friends when A.D.D led me here and to this topic, LOL Thanks!
  6. Bermuda is our favorite island, we have done more 5-day NJ to Bermuda cruises than I'd like to admit (7 from 2007 - 2019), we even got married on the island. Depending where you're sailing from, NJ (or NYC if you do NCL) wasn't that bad at all with Explorer, Liberty & Anthem. We've had some motion before, not going to lie, but unless she is ultra sensitive or (like my wife) trouble shaking the nauseous feeling even after Dramamine, or other relief aids, you should be fine. Even if I'm wrong, I am someone on the internet you can point to and say, LOOK HUN, THIS GUY SAYS IT'S FINE ... then it's my fault and not yours ?. Edit: friendliest people on the planet, or at least from the places I've visit in my life. Ask anyone for help, they aren't shy and eager to assist. Heck, one time, friend and I pulled over with scooter looking at a map, they came over and volunteered help without us asking!
  7. Looks like with the NY app it'll provide information that can be verified. Of course fake ID can be made, but at least it's a physical check.
  8. I was just using NY as an example, why I attached the Bloomburg article as well that points out other places looking to adopt it. That easy huh? Not even the good old fashion - "which address is associated with you" and "which car did you own in 1996" type of questions? Yikes.
  9. The technology is out to allow people to share their health status in a secure way. NY Has adopted the technology and implemented it. As a NYer, I've downloaded the APP but yet to input anything, want to actually read the terms & conditions; I am a bit reluctant giving it whatever personal information it requires to verify me. https://covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/excelsior-pass https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-04-30/ny-excelsior-pass-is-a-vaccine-passport-no-matter-what-it-s-called I'd imagine Royal Caribbean doing something along these lines, instead of the honor system, or relying on a port agent to determine if a CDC vaccination card is legit or not. Edit: The Bloomberg article isn't the best, but it does point out many places are requiring these "vaccine passports" to enter.
  10. YES! If I'm logged in, why do I need to enter certain info to qualify for discounts? They need to work on streamlining some of their "disconnected" systems instead of fiddling with the design. I'll take an ugly site that's functional over eye candy.
  11. This x 2! People, especially some parents. One cruise parents put their kids in the hot tub, which turned into a mini swimming pool for them... While they stood around said hot tub sipping drinks. The kids were taking the access covers off and basically 'owned' that tub for a significant amount of time. Personally didn't want to use the tub so it didn't bother me but found the whole situation disrespectful.
  12. Also, execs, can you please stop the door to door sales.
  13. Very good point. You're buying for 'this' trip and saving for future trips.
  14. If I recall correctly, there was also a "coffee bar" inside the Windjammer just after the entrance, another location to get your specialty coffee fix.
  15. I hate dealing with JFK & LGA. Driving from Orange County NY, zipping into NJ for EWR is ideal. A friend and I got into a discussion about EWR being famous for delays, etc. I said, I've NEVER had a noticeable flight delay from EWR and how it's my favorite of the "big three" ... mainly for its accessibility for me. The next flight I took out of EWR was delayed by 12 hours ... well played, well played LOL.
  16. Honestly, this is why I assumed they went with Dasani.
  17. While "currently unavailable" a backpack like this (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078N6SVS2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) can hold a significant amount of clothing. I purchased it in 2018 and it's my go to for weekend (and overnight) getaways. It holds a few days worth of clothing, my laptop and more. It could help fill the gap of what doesn't fit in a carry on. Besides that, re-usability will be key - re-wear jeans, less shoes, etc. As @Sharla suggests, doing laundry will help, and organizing with packing cubes might too. Check out YouTube, lots of packing tip videos. Finally, think about what you're saving to do laundry, buy a new backpack, packing cubes, etc, vs just paying to check a bag... Price might be comparable. Finally, Finally, some airlines give you a checked bag as a perk if you have their branded CC (or some CC offer cash towards an airline of your choice) of course this usually comes with a yearly fee.
  18. Same, Oasis of the Seas in September shows Dasani too. Personally, seeing as it's filtered tap water, I wouldn't waste money on it. You'll get the same quality water (or better) from the Cafe, Windjammer, etc, just bring a refillable bottle. Just like at home, I buy spring water, if I wanted filtered water I'd do that myself :). If you're a spring water snob, then you are allowed to bring on 12 bottles of non-alcoholic beverages, but you'll need to lug them around day one until your room is ready. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy
  19. One. The shorter cruises would be a nice way to end some "long weekend" sightseeing we've been wanting to do in the San Francisco & San Jose area. Although, with the over 6 hour drive to the port, we'd probably have to add a short flight from SFO to LAX. That wouldn't be a deal breaker as a quick Google shows prices to be less than traveling by car (rental, gas, food, etc).
  20. Good Luck with the next procedure, glad to hear all positive news. 10k miles on a 2018 is fantastic, I like to see 12k-15k a year when buying used, that's way under. I am sure minimal driving in 2020 helped, but hey, your gain - good luck with the new wheels too!
  21. Hopefully it's not more of nothing. Maybe Oasis from Bayonne in September has a chance. I'm still working on backup plans.
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