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  1. Welcome to the forums! Not sure you can get 5 at once, I believe what most people do is collect them during the day. "1 Johnny Walker & 1 Water Please" for example. Having refillable water bottle(s) wouldn't be a bad backup plan. I find the water provided in Cafe, Windjammer, etc perfectly fine. Enjoy your first cruise!
  2. You're welcome. Not sure when your cruise is, but always check back and keep track of what you paid. If the price drops, they don't exactly adjust, but you can cancel and rebook for the new price.
  3. Welcome to the message boards! I think you're looking for the Cruise Planner: (not sure if it will show you shuttle information, but it's where you can buy and view on-board things, like WiFi, drink packages, schedule meals, shore excursions and more). https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked
  4. Personally, I'm a OV Balcony or better kinda guy, wife too. That said, I'd like to experience both of these cabins, mainly for people watching. A Boardwalk with obstructed ocean view seems like a good compromise for me (I'd say & us but not sure the wife would want it over OV ?). Either way, so much to do on Oasis screw the cabin! LOL
  5. Welcome to the forums. Coco Cay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean as such there will not be any requirements when you disembark the ship... HOWEVER, there may be protocols in place to board the ship on embarkation day. With March being so far in the future, I'd worry about it when it's closer, the rules/protocols are changing daily.
  6. I'm on that sailing too, also in the FB group, although I am in the middle of a "deactivation" just to get away for a while ... anyway, I too have enough confidence in it sailing that we might not make final payment. Wife just started a new job and its not clear (and may not be in the next 2 weeks) if she can take the time. Originally, I was all-in, figured cruise would get cancelled and I can preserve my great GS price, now I don't feel that way and don't want a huge FCC. I started eyeing Oasis out of Miami in January - or maybe go for that "new ship smell" on Odyssey. I was looking forward to seeing the changes on Oasis - and that Miami itinerary has new places - so that might win. Anyway, rant over, fingers crossed for you guys, I know most (myself included) are transplants from September 2020!
  7. Our first Royal Cruise was in 2007 and only our second cruise. While this site wasn't around yet, I did participate in another forum (not CC) that helped me learn A LOT. I felt so lost and clueless on our first cruise I didn't want that to happen again. Somewhere between Royal # 4 (Oasis 1/2010) and Royal #5 (Oasis 1/2012) and beyond, as I'd search for something Royal related, a blog written by Matt would pop-up. Over the years I came to rely on those search hits as fact and had a better grasp of what I was researching. I forget exactly when but that other cruise forum started to die off a bit, there was an update, and I think new owners which killed (at least for me) the sites usability. The biggest issue was how slow it was, page loads were probably in the high seconds to minute+ (again, going off memory, this was a while ago). Anyway, I would creep the forums here from time to time and of course keep up on @Matt's blog posts and decided to join July of 2019; I missed that other site's friendly atmosphere and saw it here. So, while I did join with a solid Royal Caribbean foundation (a lot -probably most- from Matt's blog posts), I've still learned a lot these last 2 years and try to contribute when I can... I type fast but some of you, WOW it's like you have the information ready to copy/paste ? LOL. I know I'll continue to learn from Matt and this community. If I may steal (and modify) a quote from Hagrid when Harry said he'll need a wand: "A wand Royal Caribbean information? Well, you'll want Ollivanders Royal Caribbean Blog. There ain't no place better."
  8. You're welcome, but honestly, thank you.
  9. Our last few cruises have been in a Grand Suite. As I look at cruises to book and some of the increased costs from what we paid, I have been trying to justify the unjustifiable LOL.
  10. It was truly amazing! One of those moments of generosity you rarely get to see in life. While I couldn't participate in the moment as it was "background noise" while grilling, it inspired me to do my little part and become an insider. For the past year+ I've come to rely on Matt's blog posts and the community here to be up-to-date with the constant change. Making the decisions I needed to do regarding cruises wouldn't have been nearly as easy without Royal Caribbean Blog. Helping to keep the circuit breaker on is the least I could do.
  11. +5 for Chops. It's become a thing, Chops on formal night. We can dress "smart casual" vs formal and honestly, better meal and atmosphere than MDR.
  12. Congrats, that's awesome news! No immediate plans for Odyssey but, we are looking for a January 2022 cruise, so you never know! I wish you the best and look forward to your upcoming vlogs!
  13. Welcome to the message boards. I'm terribly sorry this is happening. In the beginning of the pandemic a lot of people had issues with refunds and credits being issues in a timely fashion. I just checked my email and it came in from my travel agent, but also RCL directly "noreply_at_rccl.com", however it was not encrypted. May I ask, what actions did you take when it was canceled?... call and request refund? call and request lift & shift? call and request FCC? Send an email inquiry? Something else? Without making too many assumptions, in your shoes, I'd personally try one more time with customer service and insist it gets escalated to next level (I forget the name, I can search here and find it as others have done it, but basically it's like customer service level 2 and can resolve this issues a regular agent cannot). After that, I'd just file a claim with my credit card company.
  14. A quick scan it looks like both ships will be in Coco Cay on July 4th, with Adventure doing an overnight and Freedom on a 10 hour stop. With reduced capacity sailings and Coco able to handle two ships, the island is probably still at a reduced capacity... Or they flip flop Bahamas like you said since they'll (Nassau) have one ship embarking passengers and another coming to visit. It is curious how they are scheduled to leave Nassau at the same time.
  15. Out of all the agents & bloggers, I (as I'm sure most) assumed you'd be on their exclusive list. I suppose it might not be something they want immediately blogged tho. ?
  16. Similar situation as to why I cancelled both September 2020 & December 2020 before any final payments were made. It was too wild of a situation a year ago. I took one deposit as a FCC and L&S the other cruise to this September. I didn't want RCL to hold large amounts of my money that I could use for other vacations (or that new grill :)). Now that final payment is due (on the shifted cruise) we are more than likely cancelling again. Wife just started a new job and some friends already backed out. Originally I was "all-in" figuring it would be cancelled and I can preserve the great price. Now? I'm not so sure, it might actually sail, then I'm stuck with a large FCC if wife's new job denies the time off. Also, I decided not to lock myself into this cruise. I'm having fun checking out other options, looking at this winter. So, like you, I'll take my FCCs, watch how things start, monitor @Matt's blogs for latest news and in the near future book something REFUNDABLE for this January or February (latest March).
  17. It docks. I took this in 2012 from the top of zipline.
  18. Unfortunately, you're not going to get a straight answer from the call center. In my experience, I feel most are just "winging it" with an answer based on their understanding of a policy. That said, I agree with Matt above, if it's an official document, signed on official letter head, maybe even a stamp?, I think you'll be alright. Luckily, August is far enough out where you have time to learn from some June & July sailings.
  19. I personally made the switch to using a travel agent prior to the pandemic and glad I did. In these times I'd suggest going back to a travel agent, too much change, too much uncertainty. I personally was assigned Kathy at MEI randomly via the affiliate link here and she's been great. I'm sure plenty will chime in with their favorite agent but the affiliate link worked fine for me and I liked not having to randomly email someone.
  20. I received them complementary on Anthem sailing in a Grand Suite. I believe a friend also got them as part of his Junior Suite. I too loved them and would pay $5.00 without question.
  21. Windjammer. Lunch on embarkation day followed by over use of drink package. It's a day 1 tradition.
  22. Asking the suite concierge to make reservations isn't over stepping at all. I've made pre-cruise requests by replying to the welcome email. I'm not sure how CK is situated on Harmony, but don't recall showing sea pass on Anthem but we might have.
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