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  1. It went both ways for me. Time slowed down on sea days only to speed up on port days.
  2. My opinion is that if there is something specific you want, then book it ahead of time and lock it in. If you're looking for something not as specific, then it can be a better deal to wait until you're on board and see what deals are being offered.
  3. I was also going to add that the boarding process was pretty quick--in my opinion and we were general boarding.
  4. My husband and I did that for our first cruise on Allure last August. Such a good idea. IMO, if you think you may not need it, but don't take it, you'll end up needing it. Better to have it and not need it, than not have it and need it. That said, as you cruise more, you'll learn what you need/don't need/just need for the sailing.
  5. These things are almost better bought in your port city the day before, than being brought with, unless you need something specific that cannot be bought in a retail store.
  6. Lanyard here. My husband puts it on a lanyard then ties the lanyard to his belt. So whatever way works best for you.
  7. Most Freestyle machines, in my experience, have a Zero option and a caffeine-free option. That said, I don't remember, specifically.
  8. I can't speak to your first question, but as to the second, the ship's photographers will make a print of any pictures they take of you as they will ask your room number. On your SeaPass card, they will tell you the slot where you can find your photos at the photo shop aboard. The prints will be there and you work with the staff as to which ever ones you're purchasing. The link to your digital pictures will be sent after your sailing.
  9. We sailed on Allure last August and had a balcony room. We really had no issues with accessing half the closet at a time--we needed the safe side of the closet much more than the hanging clothes side. And to be honest, just the bit of extra space in the room was the draw for a balcony, not the closet space.
  10. If all you're looking to do is check email and do some quick surfing on social media, then this could definitely be worth your money. As far as not drinking soda goes, the Freestyle machines have more than just soda in them, so don't let that limit you. (The husband and I have gotten this deal for our October sailing on Mariner.)
  11. The downside to the Freestyle machines is that they are only in a few limited spots around the ship. Still worth it, IMO, but just be aware that you might be walking around a bit for a refill.
  12. Wrinkle release is great. And you can find it in a travel size too (I think it actually might be in the travel section at Walmart/Target.)
  13. All sounds like great reasons to have travel insurance which covers medical. ?
  14. Going in October with my mother and sister. We're skipping the water park (not worth it to us because we have a ton near where we live), but the hubby and I (with my sister) are planning to do the zipline. My Mom is planning a beach day.
  15. I believe that I wore shorts in the MDR for dinner on night one during my last sailing, but I was also in a nice t-shirt and my shorts were khakis (not gym shorts). As been said, the dress code is suggested; not enforced.
  16. We sailed a week before Dorian. The only rain we had was in San Juan (and the bulk of that was in the rain forest).
  17. Our TA sent us ours'--both in the booklet and a set of printed tags. But echoing what's been said that they have them at port.
  18. For shorter sailings, the primary perk will be smaller deposit and onboard credit. That said, for our October 2020 cruise, we got to pick our room (balcony) and pick (interior) the room across the hall for my mom and sister who will be going with--so choice of stateroom is also a good reason to book onboard.
  19. We have our TA book us on a transfer shuttle. (Peace of mind.) Other folks use Uber/Lyft. Whatever your preference is, basically.
  20. We brought our own water bottles for shore excursions and filled them up at the Freestyle machines.
  21. Little bit of everything: free weights, weight stack machines, and cardio equip. Just be aware that the gym hours are concurrent with the spa hours-- because you'll have to walk through the spa to get to the gym. (Real bummer for me when I sailed on Allure last August. I'm an early morning gym goer.)
  22. If you've got neighbors that are a little more talkative, while you're wanting to enjoy the view more peacefully, a good set of headphones is great for balcony relaxation. ?
  23. Probably not taking advantage of repricing deals on any purchases until two weeks before our sailing. That said, we were "cruise virgins" at the time. ?
  24. Found one that worked really well at Walmart last summer. Briefly tested at Labadee for underwater and also good for capturing zip line footage!
  25. Stayed at a Days Inn about 10-15 mins from the Port and the Airport, last August, prior to first cruise on Allure. Really reasonable, though average room. If you just need a place to crash, it was good. Ate at Checkers down the street--again good for fast food.
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