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  1. Positive thoughts, that's the best weapon against times like this.
  2. I've only been on one cruise ship, that was Adventure, but I think next time we'll want to try another ship. Heck, I want to try 'em all and see who I like best.
  3. Here's a tip for those who have a longer wait for your next cruise: Go over what you have to look forward too before it. I still gotta wait two years for my next cruise, so that's what I've been doing, and so far it's worked. I mean, it worked while I was waiting for the new LRT system in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada to finally open so it should work here, right?
  4. The No Shoes Booze Cruise? That sounds like something from Dr. Seuss. Ha-ha, hilarious
  5. I have a question. If the ship you are on when going to Coco Cay has waterslides is it worth it to book a Thrill Water Park pass.
  6. Hi everyone; Thanks for the great comments on my Cruise Chronicle. I remember that while the cruise lasted only a week it seemed like I was on that ship for at least a month. Do you guys often feel that way too?
  7. Will you please Let me know what it's like on a Christmas Cruise, because that is something I have on my bucket list; to spend Christmas on a cruise ship.
  8. Hi, thanks for the great reviews. I have also written two fantasy novels and have been trying to get them published. Conventional methods have been a little expensive for me, so I'm considering self-publishing. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. Hello Matt and everyone else; My name is Joey and I went on my first Royal Caribbean cruise on Adventure last winter; loved it, best vacation of my life! I just joined with you because I've written a chronicle of my cruise and I would like to post it here because this seems like the place to publish it. Hope you enjoy it. Joey Cruise Chronicle.docx
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