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    Lovestotravel reacted to Zeashore in ABC Island Excursion HELP!   
    In Curacao, we did the island tour that included the Hato Caves, a small museum, and the Curacao liquor factory. Very reasonably priced and enjoyable. It was through RCI.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to twangster in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    When a plane flies to or from Puerto Rico to the mainland U.S. it doesn't stop anywhere.  It flies direct.
    When a cruise ship sails from Puerto Rico it almost always stops in another country.  
    Big difference.  
    Everyone is responsible for understanding the documentation required for boarding a cruise ship.  If in doubt don't ask the internet, ask the cruise line.  
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    Lovestotravel reacted to AshleyDillo in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    You don't need passports as you can use your ID and birth certificate instead since it's a closed loop US cruise.  What I was attempting to emphasize is to not have those IDs in your luggage that you send to the ship as you're going to need them to board the ship. There have been horror stories of people who packed their passports and then they weren't able to find the luggage on the ship and therefore they weren't able to board but their luggage went ahead on the cruise without them!
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    Lovestotravel reacted to bhageerah in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    It doesn't matter if you have not cruised before, all that matters is that you finally have seen the light and are joining us!  I know that you guys will have an absolute AMAZING time, and please do me a favor and enjoy some of that wonderful vitamin sea for me!!!?
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    Lovestotravel got a reaction from puertorican in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    Good to know!  Can you tell we haven't cruised before? !
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    Lovestotravel reacted to AshleyDillo in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    Terminal should open around 10am.  Drop the luggage off and go explore.  San Juan is excellent for this as they typically have an 8pm departure.  You just need to be back and onboard by 90 minutes before departure. 
    Absolutely make sure you have your passports on you before giving up your luggage..you don't want to accidentally send it to the ship before you check in!  You also may want to go ahead and checkin after you drop the luggage off so you don't have to worry about it later.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to bhageerah in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    Once you drop it off with the porter then that starts the process of them checking/screening everything and it is officially in "their" hands and they handle everything from there.  As long as you are back at the terminal and onboard prior to your departure time, nobody will be the wiser about you leaving your luggage there.  You will drop your luggage curbside before you even enter the inside of the terminal.  So if you desired to drop it off and then proceed to catch a Uber, Lyft, or Taxi then there won't be anyone that will know.  
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    Lovestotravel reacted to bhageerah in Dropping Luggage at Cruise Terminal?   
    I honestly would not see a problem with this one, as long as you have given your luggage to a porter and are coming back for the cruise (and as long as you are back in PLENTY of time to ensure that you and your luggage manage to reunite the same day) then I really do not see a issue with it.  Once your luggage is checked it really should not be an issue, its in their care and is on its way to being scanned/searched and heading to your room.  
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    Lovestotravel reacted to KathyC in Embarkation day lunch on Mariner, hoping to avoid crowds.   
    Correct.  Johnny Rockets also has a fee.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Sharla215 in All our excursions booked!   
    42 days left. Leaving from San Juan. BVI, Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia and DR( punta cana) 
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Srp431 in Explorer | Feb 7-16, 2020 | First Time To ABC Islands!   
    Following looking forward to your report on the ABC islands, we're going on Freedom in March 2020
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Shari in Silly Question!   
    We order continental breakfast items every morning for no extra costs.  Bagels, toast, donuts, pastries, fruit, etc.  Just remember to fill out the breakfast room service flyer and put it on the door knob the night before.  They call you when they are bringing it up in the morning in case you over sleep.  We love to eat our "breakfast" out on the balcony in the morning.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to MikeK in Silly Question!   
    If your a coffee drinker,  order a pot of coffee in the mornings from room service (its free) just remember to give your waiter a tip.  I'm a early riser so I order coffee when I get up and it usually takes about 15mins.  We enjoy looking out over the water and get to see some flying fish from time to time.  Enjoy your balcony time,  that's why you paid the extra money.  Your on vacation,  don't try to do too much.  Enjoy the moment
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    Lovestotravel reacted to wstephensi in Silly Question!   
    I take my breakfast every morning on the balcony.  I read and nap there too from time to time.  
    Did HOS this past June never found it too hot or windy on our eastern caribbean cruise. 
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    Lovestotravel reacted to LilLady in Silly Question!   
    It all depends on the weather conditions at that time. With that said, with normal wind from the movement of the ship, I only could feel it on the balcony if I stepped up to the rail. Sitting in the chairs, provided a nice relaxing spot to view the sea. 
    But as someone mentioned above, if conditions aren't the best, you are just a couple of steps to being inside. 
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Srp431 in Silly Question!   
    We were on FOTS 2 yrs w/ connecting balcony rooms and on Deck 9 and it was fine for our Western Caribbean cruise . No issues with wind, only glare from the sun.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to bhageerah in Silly Question!   
    OMG AK was absolutely AMAZING, and I too spent quite a few hours sitting outside on my balcony, FAR more than I have for any other cruise.  We went in early June and I did have to bundle up but it was well worth it.  Definitely something I would wake up to everyday!  Almost wish that the ship could have docked during the evening hours so we did not miss any scenery outside!  
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Ogilthorpe in Silly Question!   
    I have found all conditions on the balcony, but none have prevented enjoyment. If it gets too hot, air conditioning  is only a few feet away!!
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    Lovestotravel reacted to suna in Silly Question!   
    Just remember, if it is really too hot on your way to ABC, you will be ok on your way back or vice versa, depending if your room is port or starboard!!!!
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    Lovestotravel reacted to bhageerah in Silly Question!   
    We usually get a balcony and its just fine to me! It can be windy depending on the day and the normal fluctuations in the weather but we end up spending quite some time out on ours.  I get up early in the morning and head off to the gym and grab a quick snack afterwards and sit out on the balcony and read a book and eat my "pre-breakfast" while the wife is still sleeping. There are times that I will spend out there just watching the waves roll by, to me its honestly perfect!  I can assure you that you will have a great time!  We have had balconies all over the ship and on quite a few decks and it really has not mattered.  Each and every one has always been greatly enjoyed! 
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    Lovestotravel reacted to S.Marie in Lurkers Unite!   
    Hi everyone! I pride myself on being very social when I meet people in person, but online, I’m a certified lurker ?. I read the message boards, take notes ?, and have learned so much from everyone on this blog (thanks @Matt for this awesome platform) but I rarely make a post or comment.

    Maybe it’s because everyone has already said what I was thinking (and y’all don’t need to see my “ditto” response ?)... Maybe it’s because I can’t come up with any interesting new questions or topics that are worth posting ?... Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that my post will be the equivalent of the kid sitting alone at the lunch table in a crowded middle school cafeteria ??...

    Soooooooo... This post is dedicated to all of the lurkers out there just like me! Say hi, hit like, or drop a comment of your choosing below! Or don’t. ? You are still loved and welcomed here!
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    Lovestotravel reacted to Kelli Mesa in Restaurant in San Juan   
    Thanks for the info about Raíces   Just finished eating lunch here. Great restaurant. Just about to go back to the Symphony of the seas. They are celebrating their 50 th anniversary  qnd we are celebrating our 41anniversary  having a great time  
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    Lovestotravel reacted to mworkman in ABC Island Excursion HELP!   
    @Lovestotravel Yes we enjoyed it, but it does have stairs to get to the caves...and bats do reside in this cave.
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    Lovestotravel reacted to mworkman in ABC Island Excursion HELP!   
    Bonaire -   Double-Dip Snorkel http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=BO01&DestinationCode=
                       Sea Cow Snorkel Trips www.seacow-bonaire.com  We've done this twice and by far the best snorkel excursions there and it is listed as the above on RC's excursion
    Curacao - Fascinating Curacao http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=CU44&DestinationCode=
                     Caves and City Center http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=CU85&DestinationCode=
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    Lovestotravel reacted to NJCruisers in ABC Island Excursion HELP!   
    Our cruise to the ABC island's is in 2 weeks and I've booked the following for my husband & I:
    Aruba:  Trikes Aruba  https://trikes-aruba.com/ for the morning, and we plan to just relax and hang on the beach afterwards. https://www.surfsidearuba.com/
    Curacao:  We booked the Beach Day through RC that brings us to Blue Bay Resort.  We'll have lunch back on the ship then just venture out on our own afterwards.
    Bonaire:  We booked with Woodwind https://www.woodwindbonaire.com/  to snorkel in the afternoon.
    St. Thomas:  We booked an All Day Beach/Jeep Excursion through Sunfari http://sunfarivi.com/ 
    I'll be sure to post our thoughts on each once we are back.  
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