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  1. Thank you all for these informations, that is such a good news!
  2. Well, as many others, I'm wondering if I should lift and shift one of my holiday cruise to next year. We are suppose to be b2b on enchantment december 19 2020 to january 2nd 2021, my dream cruise :( Lift and shift enchantment december 19th 2020 to empress december 24th next year but... Since there is no sailing on empress before or after december 24-31 2021, I don't know what to do with the second leg. Also, I'm already book on Vision 2021 holiday sailing... I'm thinking of doing ''cwc'' with the vision and lift and shift my enchantment dec.19th 2020 few weeks later.
  3. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates This list is not accurate. We returned from a south pacific cruise last saturday and nothing is mention about the 5 islands who refuse us. I think Royal is on a day-to-day basis with the itinerary. The least they say so you not cancel, the better for them. If I knew my cruise would have been diverted to New Zealand prior to departure and if the cancellation policy was like it is today by the time I left home, I would have cancel. We had 6 sea days instead of 4 on a 11 days cruise. It was not Oasis but you reach a point that you
  4. just return from the south pacific voyager trip, we ended up in tauranga, nz, bay of islands, nz and eden, aus for those of you who still want to know. 10% of the price paid as a compensation but since an fcc was applied, not much in return.
  5. I just return from the south pacific cruise... that only stop in Noumea and 30 minutes after all aboard, they announced the 5 remaining ports were cancelled. My trip of a lifetime, celebrating my 40th snorkeling in paradise disappeared. we then sailed to new zealand, no fishies, cold water and mostly cloudy in rought seas and got a compensation of 10%. since i used FCC to pay a part of this cruise (grandeur cancelled late august), the OBC received was lower. No fault of Royal but such a disapointing trip. I totally understand you. At least, you have the chance to cancel prior to departure.
  6. I personally came back from a south pacific cruise last saturday. I find that royal crew is doing beyond their best to provide us with a safe environment. They wipe the walls in the hallway, sometime in our cabin, the handrails and handles in the hallway at every shift... I still saw so many people (sorry but mostly 60's and older), coughing open air, no tissue, no elbow, no hands... I just read that both US and Canadian government recommend to avoid cruises. From my recent trip, I would say that the airplane represents the most potential transmission area. Up to you to cancel, I never f
  7. Up there, it is only other vendors. I only visit once, I knew what I was looking for so I enter only one hut. Bought it and on my way to exit, the man asked to help his family. He wasn't rude or insistent, I bought one more thing from him and left. All other vendors were looking at us leaving, they ask to visit their huts. I just felt sad and want to give more to this helpless population. In no way we felt unsecured or harass. We speak french so a little chitchat probably help.
  8. If you look at the pictures on Google, seems they change the store front. some pictures display super covi and other casa del duero. It is the same place in front of Perssa.
  9. Cozumel is my home away from home. spent 2 holidays renting a condo in paradise! You want to go to Cava del Duero , Av. Lic. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell 599 B, Centro, 77600, Cozumel. It was refered to us by a local as the cheapest booze on the island. Good selection available and we got great tequila at half the price from home (Canada). Maybe on your way out of the port, check prices so you have something to compare with. Hope this help! Have a good trip!
  10. Just remember, if it is really too hot on your way to ABC, you will be ok on your way back or vice versa, depending if your room is port or starboard!!!!
  11. Thank you for the info! In any case, i'll wait to see if points are added before looking at my options
  12. My husband and I were on this shortest cruise ever! We turned back before the H895 bridge! A bit sad it was cancelled, it was our first suite, needing the points to get to diamond level for our voyager cruise in february, in time for my anniversary... we already have 14 nights on explorer in december so don't know if we will be able to reschedule, there's a limit to weeks vacations one can have!!! Hope the best for Grandeur for the upcoming cruise! Due to the labor day weekend, it was a bit difficult to find a flight: 800$ for a return flight to montreal?! We decide to stay 2 nights in baltimo
  13. I never did it but some people use the gym facilities since it's way larger than the one in the room....
  14. As other mention, you can fill the passport info later. You will have to go back anyway because the luggage tag is not available at the 90 days mark.
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