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  1. They said if we don’t go we don’t get our money back. we can go and risk getting the virus and don’t get to go to the Scheduled ports from the itinerary booked. No compensation offered what so ever! The ports of Lifou, isle of pines and Mare are all closed.
  2. Yep. Last month for my sons 18th. Princess cruises. They were brilliant. It was just the three of us. My nubby ave I took him as his gift. This big cruise with RC is my parents last hoorah as they are both very sick. We’ve saved like crazy for it. Have been told by the travel agent since my post that we will not be refunded if we cancel.
  3. Yes. I’ve heard back from the retraced agent. They still can’t tell us what ports we’ll be stopping at. But I’d we cancel we will not be refunded. mother massive tour companies are offering full refunds but RC expects their customers to wear the costs.
  4. I don’t think being stuck on a cruise would be great. You are quarantined to your room. I have to decide whether to risk that or cancel with no refund.
  5. I’m sorry. That sounds really crappy. If we cancel we are not refunded a cent. I was told by my travel agent two day’s ago.
  6. And yes actually. Sailed on Princess last month and they handled the situation beautifully.
  7. The cruise is the end of March. If we cancel we do not get a refund. That was made very clear by the travel agent who did receive a response from RC a few days ago.
  8. Yes a little understanding. You’re not wrong. I forked our a small fortune for this cruise and they’re the ones acting like they can’t stand to lose the money. They’re not being flexible at all. There are plenty of tour and cruise companies giving full refunds.
  9. Anyone else getting no response to emails in regards to upcoming cruises? Ive paid premium price for eight people to cruise around the South Pacific well before Caronavirus was announced. The ports we are stopping at have refused entry to Cruise ships over the past few weeks. I’ve sent emails. No response. I have rang and been told the original itinerary still stands. Yesterday after being told all is going ahead on the phone I received an email from RC stating that we now needed to purchase travel insurance to disembark in New Caledonian ports. So I spend a few hundred dollars extra on that to be told today by my travel agent that those ports are closed. Apparently I won’t be compensated. It’s an absolute joke. so I can’t be refunded for the cruise that will now be changing it’s itinerary ( to where now who knows. No one can tell me) and I have now paid extra for something for no reason and not only will I not be reimbursed but the staff have been extremely unhelpful and basically don’t comment or even try to resolve any issues. We’ve cruised with P&O, Carnival, Norwegian and Carnival and have never had a problem. I’m already regretting booking an RC cruise that I was told was superiors to the other companies. What a joke!
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