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  1. Although I’ve seen the windjammer extremely busy, the staff always find you a seat. On my cruise they had staff dotted around the windjammer and they would communicate through walkie talkies trying to find you a seat and I’ve always got one. It’s really never an issue. As well as that you CAN take you plate or whatever outside to enjoy you breakfast lunch or dinner on your balcony or at the pool deck or anywhere! I hope this helps.
  2. Although You can, a lot of the great (and I mean GREAT) lobster restaurants are all the way in London. Ive been to a multitude of amazing restaurants in Birmingham but I just can’t find lobster. I definitely understand where you are coming from though!
  3. I’ve always wanted lobster and I’ve seen lobster night on cruise ships for other people but not on mine. How often does it occur, do you have to pay extra and on what ships is it on. Thanks, any help is appreciated!
  4. I know it’s boring but I like a good old pina colada. I’m also quite partial to a mojito with raspberry Bacardi
  5. I loved both, windjammer (deck 11) for me was easier as I was mostly at the pool (deck 11) and also my stateroom was deck 11. I also loved the food, there was variety and flavour. The main dining room offers an actual dining experience though. I love dining so I also loved the MDR. For me it all depended on mood, I can't prefer one or the other as they have their perks. Windjammer= tasty, variety, quick, efficient (for me due to stateroom location) MDR=tasty, service, dining experience Overall, try both and see what you find easiest and prefer
  6. Sorry, misread the question. I've been on freedom (you can see the itinerary and dates below). I said on another post that the food was great, variety, flavour and for the MDR, dining experience. Throughout my entire cruise (where I was out of my cabin all the time) I didn't encounter any rude passengers and over crowding isn't a problem. Even peak times for lunch at the windjammer on my sea day, they all communicated and seated us almost immediately and food was fresh and would come out all the time. When they tried to seat us, they used walkie talkies and me and my family found it quite clev
  7. Sadly none confirmed that I know of, Ive some rumours about glacier bay
  8. If you ask guest services, Im sure they'll allow it
  9. As coco cay is all inclusive so you are allowed too snorkel anywhere
  10. Any beach on coco cay is available for your own snorkelling, its all included. About the other places but very sorry, can't help
  11. For me in ST Maarten, I found that any beach excursion was great for snorkelling
  12. On my cruise they offered to reserve the table for me if I wanted to. They should offer but feel free to ask, the staff on board a great and approachable people
  13. As a student, thanks for being a great person and doing that job Have a great summer
  14. You can definitely bring your own snorkel gear it would be silly not to For the lockers, Im not sure but almost definitely yes. Also on board any RCCL ship, you can use the app without paying for room. Even then you could go to guest services and they would happily help
  15. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your cruise. If you need any advice on anything then pm me.
  16. Although its simple, a good Pina colada was just great for me and I loved it! I also saw there was a drink that was a mix of Pina colada and strawberry daiquiri. Theres also a mix of mango daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri and Pina colada and that just sounds divine
  17. For me it was as simple virgin Pina colada or strawberry daiquiri. They hit the right spot while on a ship in the Caribbean
  18. I believe this deserves another cruise
  19. You can bring your own but I wouldn't waste the space. I normally get a towel from the places and return it straight after use and just get a new one when I need it to avoid any fines. The only fines you get are for not returning the towel so just don't forget
  20. On board my cruise they gave us waterproof lanyard pouches for free. Im not sure about other cruises but the waterproof ones are great for carrying everything (small) from money to phones and passports and of course a sea pass card. On board, they sell quite nice lanyards that are probably better for walking around the ship with just a sea pass card. You can find these in the promenade
  21. Id recommend s shirt and tie (some places you can get away with a polo shirt) and some formal trousers (dress pants). Its surprisingly casual but wear slightly fancy clothing to improve the formal atmosphere
  22. One thing to watch out for is plane ticket prices. I live in England and the flights themselves were £3000 ($3796). Id try and find great deals and done fly fancy if you can only just afford it. I hope this helps
  23. Yep. Even in the most mosquito prone areas in the Caribbean, None touched me. I had one on my wrist and one on my ankle. Oh, almost forgot, id recommend a waterproof much/wallet for a phone, money and definitely and passport. Never leave a ship without one. One more thing, bring ALL required documents no matter how unnecessary you think they may be. I've heard cases where this has happened and people are kicked off the ship. I hope this further helps
  24. As some others have said, looking at online videos helps a lot. From my experience, take plugs ad usb cables as they are allowed on the ship and are easily portably. Depending on which itinerary you have (for this case `I`ll assume its Caribbean) bring sun cream, sun hat as well as mosquito repellent wrist/ankle bands (like these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Body-Source-Repellent-Citronella-Lemongrass/dp/B01ERF2FW4/ref=asc_df_B01ERF2FW4/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=214318306971&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1672378014627312372&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev
  25. My first cruise was Southern Caribbean and for the cruise and itinerary, I loved it. Although it is predominantly American inhabitants on the ship, there are many other countries and cultures (im English) and latino was the next biggest group. The culture is great. Some of the specialty restaurants are based of latino food so if you are looking for latino culture try those. Also depending in what and if you do the shore excursions, some of them are very good and cultural and I enjoyed them as much as going to the beach and snorkelling. Hope this helped.
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