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  1. well nothing is free you pay for it in your fair.....i am probably going to let it go but boy is it annoying
  2. so i got home and i looked at my CC and there was a $3.84 charge on top of my billed rate from my cruise. i have no idea what this is and i know no one bought anything that morning we left. is there an easy way to look into this its annoying its less then 4 dollars but part of me chalks this up to principal.
  3. i was just on anthem in a JR suite the rule on that ship is everyone in your room plus 2 guests. we had 3 rooms on the trip 2 in suites so for dinner we were able to get all 9 of us in the room. if you can some how swing it coastal is the best place to eat on board at least anthem so i hope this works for you
  4. so the big problem was the AS would disappear so that would then mess everything up no drinks or very extremely delayed drinks then food would be delayed bc they would not be pulling it for the server. we asked for the kids food to be brought out early that never happened and then things like horseradish or cheese for dinner dishes would take 10-15 minutes after you got your dinner. so you ended up just waiting or going without. Finally the 4th and last night we ate i flagged down the head waiter and was like please gets us like 5 things but he was busy with other tables and took some time
  5. well i am back and had some time to reflect of my cruise. just some back ground i grew up on royal and cruised it my whole life did a few celebrity here and there but over the last few years i have only cruised disney with my young kids. i jumped on this cruise bc the proximity and cost. i few things i noticed i am not saying i had a bad time nor i would never go on royal again in fact i am going on an adults only cruise end of sept that i am really looking forward to it on navigator. here are a few things i felt royal really missed the boat on. first having to check pool towels in
  6. It says smart casual does does that mean long pants or can I wear nice shorts?
  7. So do we not have any app access to the anthem? We have a party of 10 just wondering how we can communicate I am ok with not being able to communicate with the other members of my family ha but just wondering the app I downloaded says it won’t work on the anthem
  8. hi its me again! so yesterday i moved my Oct 5th Cuba to navigator the week before. i was told on the phone since i am moving the trip i would not get the 50% price discount. well i got a new email today and my cruise was cut in half. i have two invoices from today and yesterday and they cut the cruise fair 50%. now its the same reservation number not sure if they just discounted all the reservation numbers. i have a bad felling about this i am thinking i should pay the balance off just in case. what is everyone else seeing?
  9. sorry to ask this is am sure for the 100th time but my wife and i are going on navigator 4 days (no Kids hooray hooray) i saw the UDP is 95 dollars for the trip. now does that mean every night we eat at a specialty dining restaurant. they have a chops plus 1 for 65. How do people feel about this is it to much eating at the special places each night is 2 enough i know its all personal preference and there is no right answer. i think 95 for all them sound good but i have never done this before. in 2 weeks with are on a family vacation on anthem we did the BOGO dining for 2 nights on a 9 nig
  10. well you all win! i told my wife the feeback and now the flight is canceled i was able to do so with in the 24 hours. now we will be taking a 12pm from FLL or a 2 from miami. if it was not MIA i think we would have been ok but i always forget how big the city really is. thanks everyone!
  11. its a tuff call its a 9am flight or 3pm. i think we are going to go for it.
  12. hello everyone so my Cuba trip got ruined like everyone else's so we made a change to now go on navigator so we can do COCO cay. here is my question their is a 9am flight from MIA to PHL that we would like to take on the day we get back..its just my wife and i no kids and we dont plan on checking a bag. it says the boat arrives at 6am. can we be in an UBER by 7am? we also have TSA precheck
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