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  1. First cruise from Baltimore! Use to being on Oasis class ships, so the smaller experience will be new.
  2. Do cruise ships do anything special or fun during the Olympics? Special Trivia, Games, Drinks, Shows?
  3. I was not going to bid on a balcony, but I checked this week on the bid I do have for a neighborhood interior and saw for the balcony category a notice, "Pricing above reflects a 25% discount to normal bid pricing. Act fast as this promotion is only valid until Jan 31, 2022" Has anyone else seen this in RoyalUp? Is it normal? Might it go lower? It's extremely tempting as I have never had a balcony.
  4. Alaskan Crepe Escape in Juneau, AK offers sweet & savory crepes. Do not like seafood, so went in search of something else and found this gem.
  5. Is this the same test that Royal has through the Optum store? I would like to purchase here as 6 for 150 is cheaper than 6 for 199 through Royal's site. https://www.emed.com/products/covid-at-home-testkit-six-pack
  6. Anyone have any idea if Royal will bring back making reservations before boarding? Especially with capacity increasing? I like to plan out my evening entertainment to make sure I see everything and if I have an early morning or busy next day not to plan for a late evening.
  7. I would suggest comfortable walking shoes, whatever they may be. It's a good amount of walking, but there are alot of tree roots and rocks. Also you are able to climb some of the structures. I really enjoyed the tour! Have a great time!
  8. Wearing a mask is a deal breaker. I give kudos to those who have to wear them every day for work. I cannot, it makes me feels like I am suffocating. I might be okay if it's limited to things like the muster drill or only for a short period of time.
  9. Yes! When I booked in April for the Harmony Thanksgiving cruise, we were automatically given late seating and could not even get MTD. We asked to be waitlisted for early and a few months ago I noticed on my Royal App we made it to early dining and TA confirmed. This was only for two people, but being on the waitlist does work!
  10. 1. Magnetic hooks! Its a room saver. Great to hang swim suits, cruise compass, hats, lanyards, etc... 2. If you do not have a drink package, bring a reusable water bottle. Less trips to get beverages. 3. Go to trivia. It's fun and if you think you are smart, someone there will prove you wrong! LOL.?
  11. I just received mine at 32 days for sailing on Harmony Nov 24th. I was able to see my muster station and deck around 45 days to sail. I read some where to use a bar code scanner app and scan your set sail pass and the last few numbers are your room number. I tried that before I got my assignment and it was accurate, at least for me.
  12. I guess I'm confused by this. How can you connect to the ships WIFI if you don't have their internet package? Is it something different or it just allows it for the Royal app?
  13. Just came off a Northbound on the Radiance. We did a post tour through Royal, which was okay for the tour in general, but had a few highlights. If you are looking to view Mt Denali, would highly suggest Talkeetna! We stayed at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and had an amazing view of Denali, which we saw in full at night and the next morning. When we went to Denali National Park, never got to see Mt. Denali. The town of Talkeetna is very cool and unique with plenty of dining, shopping and tour options! If you like animals I would suggest Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which is between Anchorage and Seward. You can walk around and see Bear, Moose, Elk, fox, wolf, deer, and others. If you make it up by Denali, we did the Husky Homestead Sled dog tour (Owned by Jeff King), and it was probably by favorite tour. You could hold and pet the puppies and the information they gave about the dogs, their training, and sled dog racing was amazing!
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