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  1. You will need to download the app to each phone. When the kids sign in you will put in your reservation confirmation number and all the information will populate to the app (room number, schedule, etc...). At least that has worked for us on our android phones.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I hope they make some friends but I never would have considered that happening as well I think you made the right call! You never know these days.
  3. ThyriC - I think we may go that route! Black leggings with a nice top sounds like the easiest and most comfortable for her. We'll see how sparkly she will allow if only Nike or under Armour made affordable formal wear lol!
  4. Wow! I really appreciate everyone's advice (and support) so far Keep it coming!! We've been on several cruises, however, this is the first one when the kids are going to want more freedom so I'm just a bit nervous about that. They are old enough to be safe but they haven't had "freedom" at home long enough to be seasoned at keeping track of time while in the midst of an intense battle on the court or the like Also, I've been a middle school teacher for over 20 years so I have a pretty good sense for all the many ways everyone chooses to rear kids. Positives and negatives to them
  5. Traveling on the Harmony. Does the app provide push notifications now? If so, were you using Royal IQ or the new Royal Caribbean International app? Did you have to pay? How reliable was it?
  6. We are cruising on the Harmony on August 4th. Myself, husband and 12 & 13 year old. I have several questions I'm having a hard time finding answers to.... please help if you can 1. Communication? We can't afford the VOOM package for all four of us but we have to communicate with the kids. Most are saying the texting doesn't work well on the new app. We have android so can't try the "free" iphone hack. If the app doesn't give you a notification of a message how is that even helpful? Isn't the best part of cruising NOT checking your phone every five minutes 2. Photo Package? We
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