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  1. Is not the 125% FCC aimed at countering price difference when you rebook?
  2. Allure several years ago was great. Harmony this past summer, not so much.
  3. One adult per room is correct, but they do make an exception for connecting rooms, non-connecting rooms adjacent to the adults, and rooms across the hall from the adults. I have booked several cruises with the kids in connecting rooms, adjacent rooms and our next cruise will have the kids across the hall. I have also been required, when the kids were younger, to book with one kid with each parent even in connecting rooms. That being said at twelve years of age, I would not have placed my children so far away from me. My youngest would escape from Adventure Ocean when she was younger, I would have hated to see what trouble she would have gotten into if we were not close enough to check on her.
  4. No. That is on you. Lots of Taxi's at the port and they take you right to entrance. There is also a water taxi that leaves from close to the port, but the Atlantis dock is a little bit of a walk up to the resort.
  5. You can book a day excursion direct from Atlantis. I'd book on the Atlantis site prior to your trip. I tried to get into the Dig several years ago, but it was sold out on the ship and at the Atlantis box office.
  6. As all my cruising stress is on embarkation day, my recurring cruise "nightmares" deal with getting the family on the ship, children left at the terminal, lost children on the ship, can't find my cabin and watching the ship sail away without me. Some how this happens all in one dream. I'm sweating just thinking about those dreams. ?
  7. I've done it. Limited on where you can go and what you can see. But you can go to shops, casino, and restaurants. Taxi or ferry. We have done both. Not sure you can or should (think safety) walk there.
  8. Love to snorkel CocoCay. Last visit we were not allowed out past the breakers due to a thunderstorm that took up a position just north of the island in the morning and hung around all day producing periodic lightening. We were made to get out of the water several times. But the fish near the breakers were great. Even saw a stingray in the shallows near the waters edge.
  9. Yes. They have several sunken planes and ships with great fish in about 8-10 feet of water about 100 yards off the beach. Also the rock breakers have great fish as well. Life guards are on duty. There are several floats for resting as well. Gear can be rented on the island.
  10. I have had this problem in the past when booking with RCI. I ask for a booking supervisor and have him/her override the 4 person issue. It has always solved the problem.
  11. If you are a suite quest or a Diamond member, check with the respective concierge. They may be able to help.
  12. My general rule is anything over 8 hours in the car is worth a flight. Ft. Lauderdale is right at that limit for us. Based on what you have posted, I'd fly. If the question is which cruise to take, I'd do the Harmony out of PC. Only 5-6 hours from my house and two extra days on the ship.
  13. Is not The Key a way of buying into the upper levels of the loyalty program, at least for one cruise? At least that is how I see it.
  14. I've had to call and get a booking supervisor to override the computer booking in the past when I could not book 2 in a room that could sleep 4. Although the ghost booking idea sounds easier.
  15. Porter at the end worth every penny. Through Customs in no time. Had a female porter in Ft. Lauderdale years ago. She was "6 foot four and full of muscles." Some guy tried to jump the line in front of us at the Customs line. She asked him nicely to move to the back of the line. He refused. She said "I will knock you out." He moved. My money was on her for the KO.
  16. On our Alaskan land tour RCI only offered a few additional/optional land excursions. In Fairbanks we had the option to do a river cruise. (Well worth it.) In Denali we could take the regular bus tour or the extended bus tour. (The extended tour was long, but we saw many more animals and scenery. I would not do the extended tour again because of time on the bus.) As I recall the options were offered through the guide and not listed on any RCI web site.
  17. I like sailing in October. Prices are lower as well as the temperatures. I have had itineraries altered due to weather. It can be disappointing. Also a sea day in bad weather is no fun. The Captain and Royal does everything to find fair seas and sunshine. I've missed the old CocoCay several times due to high wind and seas and Jamaica once due to Hurricane Sandy. Still had a great time on my cruises.
  18. Thanks for all the photos. I can't wait until we go in August.
  19. After the tour you are allowed to stay and revisit the aquarium, the casino and shops.
  20. I always play for the free cruise. I always get the electronic pads. I always lose. ?
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