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  1. I am considering the Atlantis Swim in Wonder + Aquaventure excursion in Nassau in May. It says it is a 4 hour excursion. Is the Aquaventure pass only a half-day pass? Four hours for both the swim and the water park seems too short. Also, my son (8) really wants to feel like he is swimming with dolphins vs just interacting with them. Specifically, he would love to do a dorsal fin tow. I've seen a lot of reviews about the shallow water experience, but not the Swim in Wonder. Wondering if anyone has done this excursion and can provide input as to whether it is worth the money and if it is a full day pass to the water park. (We expect to be in port 8am - 9pm). If it isn't, I may just try Discovery Cove in Orlando before we leave and book the Pearl Island excursion in Nassau. Thanks.
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