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  1. Can Confirm - I gave him a box last September - he was ecstatic! Chris is really personable and loves to chat if he has time.
  2. You do NOT have to upload the vax cards, or really do anything in the app, except pick a check-in time as a Royal rep will verify all the documents (set sail pass, passport or ID/Birth Certificate, Negative Test and Vax Card) anyways before officially clearing you to board the ship. All uploading the vax cards (and everything on the app frankly) does is speed up that time so it's a more of a quick verification of your information and you're on your way, instead of the royal rep doing all that work. (Adding your personal info, CC info, vax card info, picture, etc). In my experience since the restart, it takes 4-7 days to validate the vax cards (tho based on comments, YMMV). If it's not validated, they'll validate it at the terminal.
  3. Really depends on what you like to do. Personally, a water park is a water park - good to do once (Unless you have kids, or love slides/wave pools) so I would gravitate towards the Beach Club - However, I value the pricing around $89 USD. That being said, the food is some of the best in the fleet, anywhere and it's a more chill/pampered environment as opposed to the Oasis Lagoon (which is a party) or Chill/South Beach (nice/free beaches, but no pamper and no pool). Both are nice areas, and I cannot think of any Cons, except the current price point.
  4. I actually had to cancel this week due to a new position at work. Sucks as I was really looking forward to it but.. life! Have a great time!
  5. Yes! There's a bunch of us going as it's an official Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise! We also have a facebook group if you're interested (Search Mariner of the Seas, July 17th, 2022
  6. 1) Get a Drink 2) Book Specialty Restaurant/Show Reservations (with another drink) 3) Windjammer Lunch (with another drink) (there's a pattern here..)
  7. I would think so, at least I haven't had problems ordering a drink and a shot at the same time.
  8. I have done the video and sounding horn part of the e-muster in my hotel room the morning of each of the 6 cruises I've been on since the restart. My understanding is you can do it anywhere, as long as you're logged into Wi-Fi within 24 hours of your boarding time (YMMV). But I have not had to "re-do" any part of the e-muster once I've boarded, just find the muster station, have them scan my seapass card (phone or paper) and I'm done.
  9. To the highlighted point, credit AND DEBIT cards will be pre-authorized when you board, and then every so often as charges accumulate that exceed the pre-authorization amount. These will show as pending and usually drop off no later than 5-7 business days after a cruise (the delay is almost always the bank). The app for my credit card shows PENDING if the transaction is pending but will show as a charge towards my limit. I know a lot of experienced cruises are aware of this, but since there are a lot of new to cruising people joining the message boards, this is invaluable information. A couple of tips (from my own experience cruising and from my hotel career) for the financial end of things. 1) NEVER EVER EVER use a DEBIT card at check in. If that is all you have, use CASH. Debit card authorization will hold money on your checking account and can (and has had) very bad outcomes and RC is not at fault. 2) As mentioned previously, monitor your charges, whether through the RC App or on the In-Room menu where you can see account charges. You can even go to Guest Services at any time and get a printout of your charges, and/or pay them down. I personally keep my receipts and make sure the charges/tips are correctly posted to the account and then dispose of the receipts at the end of the cruise. If you see an issue, resolve it immediately on board! Saves issues post cruise. 3) If there is an issue, CALMLY & POLITELY discuss it with the staff member (wait staff, guest services, etc.), if that doesn't work, CALMLY & POLITELY escalate it to the supervisor/manager. If you're calm with them, they're more apt to find a resolution to the issue as they want to make it as right as they can. If you yell/scream, et al. at them (not saying anyone did, j/s), why would they want to help you? (i.e., treat them, as you would want to be treated in their position/situation.) 4) Know what you're buying. Royal is a business, and they assume when you order something, you know what's up. I got hit on this pre-pandemic and ordered a glass of wine that the waiter recommended but wasn't something covered by the drink package, and I ASSUMED it was on the drink package list. I had a very big shock when the bill came as I was charged for the bottle. If you're not sure, especially when it comes to what is covered under a package, ASK. They will help you and save you from stress. (Side note, ship staff are FAR more helpful/knowledgeable than shoreside (call center) staff. Most SHORESIDE staff probably haven't ever been on a cruise so keep that in mind as well.) Just some helpful advice to all the new (and experienced if you didn't know) cruisers.
  10. Get the emed option. I believe they have a 3 for $99 option as well. The emed tests are simple and easy, literally takes less than 20 minutes start to finish with results and as long as you have wifi, you can do them at any time of the day or night, at home, in your hotel the night before or the morning of without worrying about making appointments or getting results on time. It's well worth the extra cost, which in the long run, isn't really that much more, for the flexibility, convenience and peace of mind they provide.
  11. FYI - Group Cruise T-Shirts are available for sale! Royal Caribbean Blog.com (rclblog.myspreadshop.com)
  12. Yup - 730 pm eastern time -
  13. At Coco Cay and Labadee, a lot of items are unloaded from the ship, food, drink, towels, etc. and those have to be set up 1st before guests are allowed to disembark. USUALLY, it's somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour after docking. As for other ports, as mentioned above, it's all dependent on the port authority to clear you.
  14. My DX purchase depends on 1 thing Is @Matt going or not? Now, for those that have partaken in an official OR unofficial group cruise with @Mattyou know how it goes - breakfast, day drinking, lunch, nap, pre-dinner drink(s), dinner, pub/schooner (multiple shots + drink of choice) THEN Casino (multiple shots and drink of choice). On a sea day, probably 12-15 drinks, port days, 8-10 not counting waters/soda. For me, getting the DX is very worth it as I usually end up saving money. Now, if it's just me, I'll get the Refreshment package and be ok.
  15. Matt put this out a couple of weeks ago - Here's when Royal Caribbean will put more 2023-2024 cruises on sale | Royal Caribbean Blog
  16. Matt put this article out a couple of weeks ago - but I would stress, subject to change. Here's when Royal Caribbean will put more 2023-2024 cruises on sale | Royal Caribbean Blog
  17. I'm on the 3/4 - i've heard via the rumor mill it's down to 30 days.. so.. we'll see..
  18. Matt posted this on Saturday 1/15 - Here's when Royal Caribbean will put more 2023-2024 cruises on sale | Royal Caribbean Blog
  19. It’s hit or miss.. but sometimes guest services will have the silicone band as well as the cloth band.
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