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  1. Definitely true. My husband and I were gold members going into the pandemic. We're taking an extra 5 night cruise IN January specifically to get enough points to jump us up to Emerald, then our Alaska cruise in August will get us to Diamond. Admittedly all 3 cruises we took/are taking since the restart are in suites, so that gives us even bigger chunks of points at a shot right now. But I'm also reasonably sure there's quite a few folks taking full advantage of the 2x points to climb the C&A ladder.
  2. Like the others have said, I generally get my luggage tags and eDocs from my travel agent right at the 30 day mark. Personally I'd recommend those tag holders even for infrequent cruisers... they're so much better than trying to make the paper tags work on their own. Well worth the $10 to avoid the hassle.
  3. Morning everyone! Going to be heading out on Adventure of the Seas soon, and was planning on refreshing my memory on basic blackjack strategy. Does anyone know whether Royal's table rules hit or stand on a soft 17?
  4. My husband and I will be on board! Looking forward to it, we've had several cruises canceled on us in the last 18 months. Absolutely in countdown mode, and looking forward to the open sea!
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