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  1. @mac66, apprentice the insight and feedback. We had some general discussions on our last cruise w/ various level C&A members; appears we may not have a public forum or media platform for particular passenger counts (ongoing trend post-pandemic), along with percentage (or number) of C&A at each level. The conversation left us wondering if a blog or website posted the up-to-date percentage of C&A members in whole...which lead me here as a side note, last cruise was reporting: Gold: 39.6% Platinum: 17.5% Emerald: 9.1% Diamond: 20.7% Diamond +: 12.0% Pinnacle: 1.1% pretty consistent with @twangster percentages. Again, appreciate your time and feedback.
  2. Understand this is a dynamic (moving) target...just wondering if somebody has the current and/or average membership percentage for each C&A level? Gold: Platinum: Emerald: Diamond: Diamond Plus: Pinnacle:
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