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  1. Children 2-11 can be unvaccinated. My 11 year old is vaccinated but if he was not then he could test up to 3 days prior (but not telehealth) and then the port will test unvaccinated children right before they board. However, my baby is only 9 months and he will not be tested as children under 2 do not test.
  2. Hi, I am traveling on Harmony of the Seas soon out of Port Canaveral and was wondering what pre-cruise covid testing option I should pick. We are all vaccinated. On the RC website it says PCR but I've heard a rapid is acceptable since we are vaccinated. I've read to just order the emed tests and go that route, they are $150 for 6 tests. When I look at Walgreens it shows: PCR, Rapid NAAT, and Rapid Antigen but really the Rapid Antigen aren't available in my area and the PCR I worry about not getting the results in time. Thoughts?
  3. Hi, I am boarding Harmony of the Seas 7n western on 5/1/22 and I will have my 9 month old, and 11 & 13 year old boys. I am looking for all kinds of advice, tips, tricks etc. I plan to take my own travel crib because it's lightweight, compact, and I know its clean. But in general how does a pack-n-play fit into a room? I currently have a Boardwalk Balcony but I did the Offer Up (pending) for the ultra spacious room. I am thinking putting in an offer for the junior suite and also basic balcony room too. Maybe the ocean will be quieter for the baby to sleep. But anyway, I will have 2 adults, baby and 11yr old in my room so I am looking for suggestions on rooms. Should I go to a bigger suite? We are a party of 10 so I am unsure how it works if one room is a suite and the rest are basic. I want to dine with everyone so not looking to be secluded. Baby- How did you heat water for the bottle? How did you get water for the bottle? Did you take a sound machine? Did you take a stroller? Uppababy cruz or umbrella? Suggestions on what to carry on vs pack for the baby. Suggestions on packing enough but not a billion things for a 9m old. CoCoCay - Would you book a cabana? We were debating the over water one but it's not $1,899 so now looking at the chill island one for $999. We are doing the helium balloon and 3 out of 10 are doing the jetski otherwise the day will be chill on the island. All the adults have cruised before just not the kiddos so share what you got. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you @AlohaLivin you are correct, they are booked all of 2022. I waited way to long to look into getting hitched on the ship. Thanks.
  5. I have looked at the wedding options while on RC but does anyone know if you can just get hitched. No guests, no celebration, just a service. I would love to get hitched at CoCoCay or on the ship but I can't find any details about it. If you know anything or have any thoughts please share! We cruise 5/1 on Harmony of the Seas.
  6. That is a great point. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am sailing on 5/1 on Harmony and my Royal Up is "pending" however when I look at booking that room type it is no longer available. Is it safe to say I would not get my upgrade as that room type is not available? I am debating putting in more offers for the Royal Up for rooms that do appear available. Anyone have any insight on this? I am currently in a Boardwalk Balcony and can do an Ocean Balcony Min bid $40, or I see the Crown Loft suite for $865 min bid. All the other room types in my offers are appearing as booked when I look them up under a new reservation type. I am traveling with my 9 month old so I am unsure I would even want to deal with stairs on the room but goodness that room looks great! Because of my baby I was trying to get a larger room with the ultra spacious ocean balcony room. I'd love any tips, tricks, suggestions
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