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  1. I agree it could take some time getting through customs and getting luggage but not sure when it would "In Theory" take 30-45 minutes to complete a 17 drive. I drive these roads daily including the weekend and there is never traffic from the cruise port towards the airport. The traffic in the morning is always the other direction towards Jersey City/New York. That said I would try for a later flight to be safe as well...
  2. Twangster: Thanks for posting the menu. We actually started going to the MDR for breakfast on the Explorer in 2013. We sailed out of Bayonne, NJ in March. For the first couple of days it was cool outside so we were in no rush to get anywhere. When we went to the buffet it always seemed as though they were closing a buffet line as soon as we got in it. Then we had to find a seat then go back and get a drink/coffee, make another trip back up for something I missed...so we decided to try the MDR. We went and were greeted and brought to a table with a view and then were treated to the most peacefu
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes we are a group of 8 and have all sailed on cruises several times. This is the first on RC for most of our group.
  4. We were on the Explorer of the Seas many years ago and started going to the MDR for breakfast. The buffet was either too crowded or too much of a hassle with a large group. Our group will be sailing on the Adventure of the Seas in June and we all plan to go to the MDR for breakfast. Is this still an option and does anyone have menus posted? TIA, Mark
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