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  1. I would like to add our experience when ordering vegan in the MDR. The first night was slow, but the food was delicious. Before we left, we were presented with the next evening's menu and were asked to select our options. Selecting the next evening's options continued each night of our cruise. Also, our food continued to not be in sync with the non-vegan meals, but it wasn't a big deal for our group. I have not seen any vegan menu's outside of the MDR. For Izumi, we were able to enjoy edamame as an appetizer and the chef prepared vegetable sushi for us. It was not on the menu, but he seemed familiar with the request. For Jamie's, they offer a limited amount of vegetarian items that we were able to customize to our taste. Honestly, I would not recommend Chops. We went there for lunch (had The Key) and they were unable to provide us anything outside of a couple of sides. It is a steakhouse so I'm not surprised. We like eating in the Windjammer as they do have a variety of items available. Not everything is clearly labeled or even labeled correctly so if you are in doubt, ask one of the chefs and they are happy to provide guidance on your options. If you want a veggie patty, just ask at the burger station. If they have them available, they will cook them fresh upon request.
  2. We did an interior stateroom earlier this year on Mariner with two young kids and we had the pullman beds. When we entered the room, our beds were together making a queen bed. After the first night, we decided the room was too cramped so we asked for our bed to be split up under the pullman beds. We feel this gave us much more space in the room. Talk to your stateroom attendant to see which option is best for you and your family. Also, my youngest was 5 at the time and the stateroom attendant was able to provide a wooden railing that was much taller then the built-in railing. He said he grabbed the last one so I'm not sure how many (if any) will be available on your sailing. If you are interested, be sure to ask the first change you see your stateroom attendant.
  3. Here's the link for the Royal Up website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/cruise-room-upgrade
  4. Hi @RatedPG, the Cruise Compass has been added for the May 6th sailing. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/mariner-of-the-seas/mon-2019-05-06-0000
  5. Disney also has ships with self-service launderette facilities. We were able to pack about a third of what we would have had to pack for a family of 4 on an 11-night cruise.
  6. Hi Mel40, you are allowed to bring up to 12 non-alcoholic beverages per stateroom in the form of standard (17 oz) cans, bottles or cartons. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/save-money-royal-caribbean-cruise-vacation
  7. Not a problem! I will save them and forward to Matt for uploading to the site. ?
  8. According to the most recent Cruise Compass for Freedom of the Seas, MTD is located on Deck 3. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/freedom-of-the-seas/sun-2019-04-07-0000
  9. Last year, we booked a cruise and received $100 OBC (balcony) for booking through NextCruise plus $100 OBC from the promotion Royal was running at the time. Once we got home, we realized we could save money by moving the date to a different month. We were told we could keep the extra OBC offered by NextCruise and deposit as long as we kept the same room type (i.e balcony in our case) and we made the change within 30 days of booking. We could have lost the $100 OBC from the promotion Royal was running when we booked but we were also able to keep this too since the promotion was still going on. You are making the change in different months, so be prepared to lose or gain OBC depending on the promotion Royal is running at the time you book versus when you modify the booking. For example, a different cruise we booked through NextCruise was recently repriced for the Kids Sale Free promotion. We had $100 OBC for booking a balcony through Next Cruise plus $175 OBC for the promotion Royal was running at the time. The Kids Sale Free promotion did not include any OBC so we could only keep the $100 OBC you get for booking a balcony with NextCruise. We were okay loosing the other OBC from the prior promotion because we saved over $800 with the Kids Sale Free promotion. Hope this helps.
  10. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/cruise-room-upgrade
  11. With the current KSF promo, we saved $569 in the beginning of the week and then yesterday noticed another $75 price drop for our sailing. It had been a long time since we saw a price drop on one of our cruises so I'm glad to see they still can occur.
  12. I currently have three cruises booked and none of them have had a price drop since I booked them. In fact, my Mariner cruise has rose to three times higher then what I paid but has since dropped to only 2.5 times more. I have repriced cruises in the past but agree with you that prices seem to only be going up recently (at least for the sailings I have booked).
  13. Welcome to the message boards, Kathleen! Below is the link for the current NextCruise flyer. http://www.royalonboardsales.com/content/assets/2015/05/19066784_NextCruise_MarchOffer_Flyer.pdf
  14. We just returned from 4 nights on Enchantment using The Key. We arrived at the port around 11:00 am and was directed to the Expedited line (guests with passports and a set sail pass) so we didn't use The Key but boarding was super quick. Once on board, we dropped off our carry-on luggage at the theater and then explored the ship before heading to Chops for lunch at 11:30 am. Once the cabins opened up, we made our way to our cabin to find our carry-on luggage safe inside as well as our Voom codes. For the shows, the reserved seats where located on the balcony (above the reserved section for Suites and Pinnacle members). We never sat up there because we preferred the seats on the lower level. There were two private sessions for the Rockwall and two private sessions for the Jumpzone (one session each day). Like @SpeedNoodles described, there was no one near the tender line for Coco Cay so we just waited in line. Everyone in line was able to board the tender so this wasn't an issue for us. For disembarkation day, we enjoyed our breakfast without being rushed and when finished was able to walk off the ship through the exit labeled with The Key. Overall, we enjoyed the benefits of The Key and would consider it again. I definitely see where there could be more value on larger ships with more to do (i.e. Flow Rider, Sky Pad, Perfect Storm, etc).
  15. The only photos we have seen from the kids club are ones where the captain took a photo with our kids.
  16. February 11, 2019 - Enchantment of the Seas
  17. Hi FlowBro Ty, The Key is also available on Enchantment of the Seas
  18. Please add Symphony for April 25, 2020. Thanks!
  19. Hi Merry, if you are looking to enjoy just a few drinks then there is no need to purchase an drink package. Drinks purchased without a drink package are charged to your seapass account.
  20. Between the SL and wine you bring on board, how many more drinks do you anticipate consuming each day? My wife and I on average consume 2 to 3 drinks each day which is why we no longer purchase the drink package. Last month on Oasis, we would have needed to drink another $100 worth of drinks each to just break even with the drink package. If you would drink enough to justify the cost or prefer the convenience of having the drink package then go for it!
  21. You may be able to purchase a liquor package on the Royal Gifts website and have it delivered to your cabin for consumption. These packages are not available on all ships though. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/onboard-delivery/packages/page/1/
  22. Looks like Voyager is scheduled for dry dock from September 10 thru October 17, 2019.
  23. The MORE FILTERS option on the search page still has the option for entering your C & A number.
  24. That is correct. In March, we stopped by the NextCruise office and booked 2 ocean view balcony cabins for June 2019. When we were back home, we noticed we could save $1,000 if we moved the cruise to September 2019 (same ship & cabin types). Since we were within 30 days of booking at NextCruise, the change fees were waived.
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