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  1. Just a couple of suggestions for your new builds. Please put laundry facilities on your ships for those who have families or those of us who like to keep clean and pack lighter. We spent a lot on doing our children's laundry for a very little amount of clothing. Also would love to see a lazy river or wave pool on your ships if that is at all possible. I figured it can't hurt to mention it, since awhile ago I had suggested bumper cars and you brought them on the Quantum class. So cool! I have so many ideas! We LOVE RCI, and love all of the new things you are putting on the ships, and having fun enjoying exploring them all. So far we have been on Jewel, Brilliance, Serenade, Allure, Oasis, Quantum, and Navigator. We thoroughly enjoyed the new refurbishment on the Navigator! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, El Loco Fresh!! As well as all of the shows, entertainment, and activities it had to offer. Looking forward to sailing on more ships. You have even got our 5 year old saying she would rather go on a cruise, then Disney! So that says something!
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