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  1. Hi our cruise was just canceled as we fell just at the tail end of the new shutdown. While discussing everything with my wife she asked a interesting question. "Since it is cancelled at completely no fault of our own will they credit us the crown and anchor points we would have gotten when our cruise was completed?" While I know this is not something rccl is probably doing it would be a nice relatively low cost incentive to help customers and keep members coming back. Just wanted to see what everyone else thinks of this.
  2. we sail in June on our second trip are there historically any sales between now and the end of may for drinks or anything
  3. couple of questions 1: If i buy alcohol from eh duty free shop on board the first evening of my 4 day Bahamas cruise will i be allowed to have it or do they keep it till the last night of the cruise? 2: How many bottles of wine am I and my Wife allowed to bring on board and will they make me open them before boarding or do they just check if you have a certain amount?
  4. @monctonguy we reserved with a gated lot off the port called Safe Cruise Parking https://www.safecruiseparking.com/ it was cheaper then the port and they shuttle both ways if you book just print out your confirmation receipt you will need it when you get to the lot. the current price is $9.95 a day
  5. Im confused when pricing a cruise for october 14 2019 Mariner out of Port Canaveral w/ a Junior Suit 1 room w/ 2 guest it automatically puts in $638 I choose (junior suite pick my own =$722) now my price shows $2556 total thats $1278 per guest shouldnt this add up as guest 1 ($722+{$85.05 port fees}) + Guest 2 ($722+{$85.05 port fees} = $1614.1 - ($433.2( 60%) - ($75 ( flash sale) = Subtotal $1105.9 + (Aprox. $145 tax) = total $1250.9 aprox.
  6. According to that mariner will be located at (55-E) SST on November 26th will that be the new terminal
  7. how do you find the schedule I haven't been able to
  8. does mariner offer dive certification course in royals things to do on mariner it says they do but mariner is not listed of the ships that provide it?
  9. Having read your periscope, looking, and reading through several other sites I contacted our travel agent. She was amazing, we have been switched to Mariner with a extra $190 in our pocket after car rental and hotel changes. We will however have to drive from Orlando to Miami then back up to Orlando to finish out our vacation. Living in a small town in NW Arkansas it took several years to save for this one trip and piece of mind is very important to us.
  10. Sure hope we do not run into this problem in November, being our first cruise ever and not having any future ones currently booked. It scares us that they seem to be just neglecting general maintenance and just slapping band aids on the ship to keep it limping along. For a staff member to imply anything such as just deal with it is completely unacceptable. We scraped and saved for several years for this and don't want to live even for a short time is raw sewage. Having owned a flooring company I can tell you any carpet that has had sewage soak in holds it in underneath and most times even shampooing does not completely get it out.
  11. I noticed the price list is also from 2016 have they gone up since then? Also If you prepay gratuities does that not count toward al la cart drinks? I know if you prepay gratuities it does not count toward the deluxe package. We are trying to decide if we want the package or not on our 4 day cruise in November we have already prepaid the gratuities. My wife and I can go to a bar and spend a 100-120 easily a evening. We only go on special occasions because of the cost. As this is our first cruise we are still learning. On Enchantment if we buy the deluxe package when they are having a sale comes out to about 475 but that also gives us other drinks besides just alcoholic drinks.
  12. @New to Cruising Brandi we are also new to cruising we are on enchantment in November this year. We have planed on hitting a couple of the old forts on the island then also going to Graycliff they have a chocolate factory as well as cigar factory you can tour both. One of the best things you can do is start researching what the island has to offer. I was lucky to have friends from high school days that live there and gave some suggestions but we also googled the island and there is a lot to do there. also doing a google map search you can see street views as well as pictures others have taken that might show you things to do you never would have thought of.
  13. we have been concerned about the same type thing being on Enchantment of the Seas in November and it being our first time ever. We want the experience to be good and hope the age and size doesn't take away from that. we have wondered several times if we would have been better off waiting and going with a larger ship say like Harmony of the Seas
  14. OK that makes sense now. When is the latest i can use cruise planner to get the best deals if my cruise is on the 26th of Nov.
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