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  1. Same here for four upcoming cruises. Some prices (labeled "sale") are actually up.
  2. One other thought: if you have on board credit from your travel agent, RCL stock ownership, an RCL promotion, or other source: it is not always wise to prepay gratuities, as OBC can be used toward grats.
  3. Opinion: we have had issues with connecting rooms - including on a lengthy crossing. We avoid at all costs.
  4. One other thought: if you have on board credit from your travel agent, RCL stock ownership, an RCL promotion, or other source: it is not always wise to prepay gratuities, as OBC can be used toward gratuities as well as other purchases on board.
  5. What are the transfer options from LAX to the Port (and back)? Best options? Will be overnighting night prior to cruise at airport-area hotel.
  6. Answer to question: Halifax HOHO is a full-size, double decker bus. Go to cruise planner for description. Additionally, search Google for Halifax Hop On bus. Their web site fully describes the route (13 stops, 90 minutes) plus features a route map.
  7. We have happily ridden the Halifax Hop-On Hop-Off bus. The beauty of any HOHO bus is that it gives you an overview, or "lay of the land". Depending on time available, our normal approach to any HOHO bus is to ride around a complete loop while watching and listening to the commentary. On a second time around, we are able to get off at stops of our choice, and able to judge our time. Plus, we are able to take photos throughout the city. As mentioned above by RCIfan1912, Halifax is full of great sights and attractions!
  8. Plus stores are available in ports - and some sundries available on the ship
  9. Several off-site lots are available at various prices at the Tampa Port, starting at $6.99 daily. Parkway Parking is very reputable, with good van service, and shows $8.99 daily. You can search Tampa Port Parking on the web for alternatives. We have parked at several lots in Tampa (including the $15 city lots) and have not been disappointed.
  10. We sailed Empress about four weeks prior to Cuba's closure...We will go back when/if we can.
  11. Thank you to Allie Hubers for today's ArriveCAN article. Learned more in under ten minutes than from all prior sources - important stuff, as we depart in 17 days for an Alaska cruise and tour. Checking this Blog has been very helpful!
  12. Our last trip on the Jewel was impressive - beautiful dining room, great service, and attentive staff throughout. Shows good, but smaller or individual performers. Food, also, was top notch. If you can enjoy a smaller ship, smaller crowds, and somewhat less activities you may well enjoy the Jewel.
  13. Sometimes lockers are available for a very nominal fee
  14. We have had the same experience, talking to crew. Caring about people is what is all about. We have stayed in touch with several crew members, via e-mail, over many years. To paraphrase Kristen's earlier comments: getting to know folks is a good experience for everyone.
  15. Checked 21 tours over four upcoming cruises: not a single tour had a price lower than earlier purchase price! Admittedly, several prices had gone up, and then were reduced to prices we originally paid. Royal's definition of a sale puzzles me. Buyer beware.
  16. We have been close to boarding denial with a birth date issue on Covid paperwork. It is my opinion that this should be taken seriously. In the past, we were nearly denied entry to Canada due to a middle name issue. Take all documentation seriously!
  17. As with any shore excursion, a lot depends on your interests...a great choice: sunset cruise.
  18. Able to schedule "same day" tests today...maybe demand is down at the moment
  19. We have been allowed a heating pad - but could have been a "one off" or "lucky". The problem may be finding a usable plug if you are using the heating pad in the bed...
  20. If you approach shipboard tipping like land-based, it is hard to go wrong. When a server in a land-based restaurant does an exceptional job, we tend to increase the tipping level. The same should be true on a ship: exceptional service/probably increased tip. For wait staff and stateroom attendant, that can be added at the end of the cruise. Indiv1idual bar servers - maybe individual tips during the week. And I would repeat: tip luggage porters on site! You would like your bags to arrive in a timely fashion
  21. We had a cruise that had a 29% price drop. Went back up 27% next day. Do not know if they keep answering - but it is worth holding. Also, you might try dialing on another phone or line to check what happens.
  22. First two shots at County Health department. Booster at CVS. Wife misplaced her card - CVS had record of everything and replaced! Easy, quick. Also got second booster at CVS!
  23. Make those reservations for every night immediately after boarding - you may need to ask where a Maitre d' is stationed (which dining room or area).
  24. Agree with almost all points made in earlier comments, but would reinforce: GO LONGER. Try for seven days or more if at all possible!!
  25. Just got notice that the October 21 Navigator of the Seas sailing from LAX has been chartered - and our reservation cancelled. Options: (1) Re-book later cruise, choice of five dates on Navigator, with OBC, protected fares, some reimbursement for airline change fees (2) Re-book any sailing - customer responsible for any added price, and some airfare change fee reimbursement (3) Full refund - no airfare or other reimbursement. Decision due in eight days, or automatic cancellation. What kind of past experience has anyone had with a surprise like this? What if FCC was involved? TA very helpful, but says it is our decision.
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