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  1. so true,but i treated every one the same,weather you had money or not,it was the service,and the continuine service,we also gave discounts,and extral at no extra cost,old school.
  2. when money is the only interest,and your true loyal family means nothing,its time to cruise with another company, that really treats true loyalty with respect.
  3. it seems with royal carribean that if you have deep pockets,and are able to buy grand suites and above,you get to go to the suite lounge,get all the perks,and more,but if you have started from the bottom and have worked your way up this so called ladder,and through the good and bad times you have stayed loyal to royal,it doesn't count for anything,i was in business for 34 years and two things we treasured,our name and our customers loyalty,we are diamond members,and want to keep going to diamond plus and above,but it appears if you book a grand suite and above you get everything,no longer is it kool to be loyal,only money talks,so sad.
  4. i just hope that the golden room doesn't stink from the cigarette smoke,and all the furniture has been sanitized for the smell that the cigarettes leave.
  5. we boked a spa junior suite for our next cruise in november,but have to be diamond plus to get access to the concierge or suite lounge on the 12th floor,have had a look online and it looks amazing,something to look forward to hey.
  6. an any one please tell me if a diamond club is on board the quantum
  7. we keep getting mixed messages about,is their a diamond club on the quantum of the seas
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