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  1. In the same boat no pun intended. Two away from diamond. I will earn diamond on grandeur in July but will not reap the benefits until symphony in November.
  2. I’ve got the same device and love it. I use it constantly but I have one issue that I’m wondering if you know the fix @twangster. How do I forget a network without resetting the device to factory settings? I had it connected to the hotel Wi-Fi but it remembered a previous connection to my hotspot and switched there chewing up all my data. I can’t seem to find a forget network function. I know there are obvious workarounds like changing the hotspot password but would like to try to find a primary fix.
  3. In my experience the mile surcharge only comes into play when you pick up at one location and return at another.
  4. The challenge with your scenario, although you may already know this, there is an additional fee plus mileage with a one-way rental. Normally you get a rate if X per day when you pickup and drop off at the same location. With one way there is a fee plus mileage at the major carriers like Avis and Enterprise.
  5. I feel you on this one. We have a similiar story with one of our children. The KEY is to engage in the teen center early. Get him involved in the early meet and mingle thing and the magic of RCCL will do the rest. Meeting people early and doing the first mingles is critical. Make watever deal/bargain with him that you need to in order to get him there.
  6. I saw a warden from North Woods Law (Maine) named Michael Joy on Serenade last October.
  7. Grandeur July 6 2019 Explorer March 1, 2020 Harmony August 2, 2020
  8. My cousin was on the Carnival ship at the time. All he got for his inconvenience was a certificate for two free drinks.
  9. More people dress up than do not. I am a casual fan and have a T-shirt or two with a StarTrek theme but that’s it. I felt a tiny bit out of place dressed as a civilian human.
  10. Funny AND true. When I booked the first cruise I called within 24 hours of the announcement and all the solo rooms were taken. The agent actually said they all sold out within the first few hours. I do cruise solo a couple of times per year. For the people watching alone I will go promenade double points or not.
  11. Anyone know if any of my current perks (Diamond) will be offered on this cruise? Also will I still earn points for the nights I stay? I may be doing it solo but in a standard room so would be expecting to earn double points.
  12. Yes was Norwegian previously. First Pearl then Jade. First cruise sold out in record time (I was on this one). Second year they did two and struggled to book both. Third is pretty well booked but took them all year to book it. The 2020 cruise is Voyager themed and I am a huge Voyager fan and a huge Royal fan. Might be worth the YOLO move...
  13. Rates are crazy high, but I’m sure that’s to offset the cost of the talent. All in a balcony room for two is over $5K
  14. Just read that the next sailing for Star Trek the cruise will be on Explorer of the Seas in 2020. Explorer was my first ship ever. I was on the first Star Trek cruise as well. Might have to check this one out as well. https://www.startrekthecruise.com/ Larry
  15. I’m booked in J4-7652 Junior Suite on Grandeur. It’s a rear facing balcony. I found a YouTube video of the same cabin on Vision of the Seas. I assume since it’s the same class of ship that the room is likely very similiar?
  16. The biggest issue I’ve ever had with UBER is when I am one of the first ones off the ship. The UBER’s that are all queued up sit and wait to activate themselves until surge pricing goes into effect so getting a ride can take a while. Once the closest ride they found for me was over 15 minutes away.
  17. Book the thermal spa it is well worth it! Also, I know that the Schooner bar is the same on most ships, but it’s really something special on the Serenade.
  18. I’m sure it’s no big deal - some people just don’t jive. Hopefully you find someone who fits you better and your previous TA does not take it personally.
  19. I was one of the first off in August and had trouble getting an Uber. The drivers were all lined up waiting for surge pricing. The driver I got was someone 15+ minutes away.
  20. I am traveling with my girlfriend on two cruises next year. I am getting the Deluxe Package is which means she is getting it too. I also want the one device Voom package. I assumed the Voom+Deluxe is the cheapest for me but it made me get that package for both of us which means I think we have Voom for TWO devices (overkill). I’ve seen various promotions including (I think) buy one deluxe and get one half off. Given that I want to end up with one device and two Deluxe, how should I handle and what type of promotion should I be on the lookout for? Larry Muster
  21. If you had the insurance would that get you anything back? I buy the insurance on most cruises but I am not 100% clear on exactly what it does for me.
  22. Kathy you’ll be getting on Serenade when I’m getting off. Happy cruising! Muster
  23. I love this post!!! It affirms that I am not the only one who obsesses a bit in the days preceding setsail! If you are like me the degree of obsession INCREASES with each cruise.
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