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  1. QQ: Two of my adult children are staying in an inside cabin for an upcoming cruise; wife and I are in a balcony. One of my kids may not be able to go now due to taking a new job. Questions: - Do I need to notify RC of him not coming (once I know prior to final payment)? - Will Royal reprice due to only one person staying in a two person cabin, so might be better off keeping the current fare and just not have my son show up to sail - Could I have another person go in lieu of my son and stay in that cabin and switch reservation to the new person’s name? Thanks in adva
  2. Just got off FOTS and they didn’t get an updated delivery of Royal gear e.g., hats, sweats, etc. Their website, to be nice, leaves much to be desired. Any idea who to contact at Royal or where to find royal gear that has a lot of gear?This is such a miss by royal and big revenue opportunity. Thanks.
  3. Heading on FOTS in a few weeks out of San Juan and have heard it can be “challenging” to find the right location to drop off your luggage at the Pan American pier as part of embarkation. Any directions on where to go and how to make this process easier would be much appreciated. Thx Jeff
  4. Heading on FOTS in 35 days to the ABC islands and all checked in - BUT can’t figure out if it’s possible to upload our photos in advance to save time at the San Juan port. Anyone know if it’s possible and if so, where this link is? Thx Jeff
  5. Heading on a Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise in July on Explorer of the Seas and finding it impossible to book dinner, on ANY night/ANY time, at Chops Grill for 5 people. I've called Royal customer service multiple times and tried via the Cruise Planner and no luck. Even tried to do it for 6 people...still no luck. Saying not available - which seems very odd since we are 90 days out. I've never had issues before accommodating specialty restaurants...so find this exercise very frustrating. One option is to book a table for 3 and another table for 2 and then on sail away go to cu
  6. Hi. I recently came across a picture of the mural/art work on the Oasis of the Seas (below) as you enter the Library that RCI comissioned for the boat and I’m wondering if anyone on this blog knows if this artwork this is available for purchase commercially as I'd like to put a copy in my office. I am specifically looking for the map/ship as I wasn’t sure if the work Library is on the painting or an overlay. If the word is integral to the painting, that’s fine as well. I wasn't sure who to contact at RCI to inquire, so thought I'd start here. Any help would be much appreciated.
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