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  1. We are booked in 2 cabins across from each other with 1 adult and teenager (under 18) per cabin as per booking rules. Once on on board the kids will be in 1 cabin and us in the other but we want to have a spare key card for each cabin. We heard this was easier than reassigning the seapass cards. Should we do this on embarkation day or wait til the morning of the 2nd day? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Milkshakes and smoothies from the Spa bar are included in the Refreshment package.
  3. We got our kids the arcade credit for our Allure cruise. We've heard that the arcade is only so so and some games are old. Once we get on board and the kids find the arcade disappointing; could the credit be converted at customer service to ordinary on board credit for them to use elsewhere like Cups & Scoops or the candy shop?
  4. I know you can get apple orange and cranberry juice but can you get grape? And other than orange fresh squeezed is there any other type of fresh squeezed? Not really a juice but do they have real maple syrup or just the fake stuff like Aunt Jemima?
  5. Yes these are allowed, best to carry them on versus checked luggage when getting on the ship as you may have a longer wait for your checked bags.
  6. The drinking age varies in Canada either 18 or 19 depending on the province or territory. It is 19 in Vancouver, British Columbia. So everyone in the family can drink in port but not on the ship. It's 21 because of US embrakation. If you allow your kids to have alcohol in port make sure they have some form of legal photo ID like a passport or driver's license. They most likely will be asked.
  7. I'm totally with you. We got the Surf & Stream for 4 for our October Allure cruise at a 45% discount 2 months ago. And now it's 60% off but the total is $10 more than I paid. Totally confuzzled!
  8. Thanks for the info JLMoran. I've booked the mid-morning time so we can get to the Bungalow and then enough time back to the dock for the excursion.
  9. Looking for specifics about Labadee. This isn't our first RCc cruise but it is our first visit to Labadee. We've booked the Catameran Snorkel excursion and a Beach Bungalow in Columbus Cove. I've read a lot of the forums on Labadee but couldn't find answers to a few questions. 1) Should we go to our beach Bungalow first and then back to the dock for our excursion or go on the excursion then the Beach Bungalow? We have 3 young teens with us. Is the slide fun ? We're on Allure so no water slides and those kids love water slides. Thanks in advance!
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