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Is Royal Caribbean WiFi worth it?

27 Jul 2020

Are you thinking about buying WiFi access on your Royal Caribbean cruise, but wondering if it is worth it?

Royal Caribbean sells onboard internet access (known as Voom Internet) that is good for the duration of your cruise, but is it a good idea to buy a plan for your sailing?

Royal Caribbean's onboard internet is effectively the only option for being connected while at sea (you definitely do not want to be roaming with your cell phone on your ship), but some people opt to forgo the internet all together in an effort to disconnect from the world during their vacation.

For those that do purchase a package, the experience can very depending on the ship, location, and other factors.

If you are wondering how well (or not well) Royal Caribbean's wifi performs, here is what you should know before you buy.

What does Royal Caribbean wifi get you access to?

When you buy an internet package for your cruise, you'll be able to connect to the internet for things like web surfing, email, social media, video streaming and more.

We haven't seen Royal Caribbean filter out any content, but then again, we haven't tried to accessing nefarious websites.

Please note that you do not need to buy an internet package to use Royal Caribbean's app. Access to the app is free without an internet package.

How much does wifi cost on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean offers two tiers of WiFi packages on its cruise ships: Surf or Surf & Stream.

Surf & Stream internet access is the faster option, and allows for internet access without any hindering of the connection.  The regular Surf package throttles the connection down so that it can only be used for basic internet usage, and not streaming of any kind.

In addition, you can choose between a 24-hour pass (only available onboard) or unlimited use packages. The unlimited plans are sold onboard, or online.

Here is a look at onboard pricing for Voom packages:

PackagesSurfSurf & Stream
1 Device$15.99 per day per device$19.99 per day per device
2 Devices$14.99 per day per device$18.99 per day per device
4 Devices$12.99 per day per device$16.99 per day per device
24-Hour Pass$22.99 per day per device$29.99 per day per device

Royal Caribbean sometimes offers WiFi packaged with other popular cruise add-ons, such as an unlimited drink package or The Key.  

You should also be aware complimentary WiFi access is provided to all guests in Star or Sky Class suites on Oasis Class or Quantum Class ships only. Suite guests on other ships do not get free internet access.

You will almost always find deeper discounts offered before the cruise on Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site. If you know you want to buy internet for your cruise, be sure to pre-purchase it online.

Voom internet performance

While Royal Caribbean's onboard internet prices are reasonably priced, the real question is how well does it work.

A number of factors can influence how fast the ship's internet is, including how many guests are using it, natural barriers and the ship's latitude. Internet is transmitted over satellite, so it is not perfect or exactly like at home, but for ship internet it is usually pretty good and often better than hotel internet.

Royal Caribbean labels its onboard internet access as Voom, and says it is the fastest internet at sea.  Depending on the ship you sail on, this promise is sometimes true.

Freedom, Oasis and Quantum class use newer satellite technology, which means better speeds overall and you will likely find it performing well.

Older ships use older satellite technology.  You can still stream but will likely see some more buffering at times on the older ships. 

How do I get free wifi on Royal Caribbean?


If you just want to use the Royal Caribbean app, you can connect to the "royal-wifi" network and use the app without any extra cost.

However, there is no free wifi for access the regular internet, including email, social media or anything else online.

Royal Loft Suite

As mentioned before, if you are in a Sky Class or Star Class suite on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship, then wifi access is free for all suite guests. Each guest will get a single device Surf and Stream package with their own login.

Your best bet to get free wifi would be to wait until you get to a port of call on your cruise and try finding free internet access at a shop or bar.

The future: Starlink?

Starlink internet receivers on Freedom of the Seas

Something to keep an eye on is a potential partnership between Royal Caribbean and Starlink.

Royal Caribbean is testing SpaceX's Starlink internet aboard Freedom of the Seas presumably as a real-world sample case for expanding the service to other cruise ships.

In limited testing, the speeds Starlink provide are substantially faster than anything Royal Caribbean had offered on its ships in the past.

SpaceX satellite

Royal Caribbean has not publicly commented on if Starlink will be added to other ships, or even if a deal will be signed between the two companies.

If Starlink does make its way on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, it has the potential to bring the kind of internet speeds we are used to on land to a cruise ship.

Is a Voom package worth it?

In general, Royal Caribbean's internet works just fine for basic web browsing, email and even keeping up with social media.

There are many factors that impact the speeds of internet access, but I generally find it more useful than not to have purchased internet access.  For most people's needs, Royal Caribbean's wifi works quite well.

You should expect periodic slow downs due to weather, location on the ship, and how many other people are using the internet at that time. Moreover, speeds are better on some ships than others, but a good rule of thumb is the newer the ship, the better the performance.

Odyssey pool deck couple

Considering how incredibly expensive cell phone roaming can be on a ship, as well as spotty internet access in places your ship may visit, buying a Royal Caribbean internet package is the easiest way to stay connected while on your ship, and it works fine most of the time.

Do you think Royal Caribbean's WiFi is worth it? Tell us why in the comments!

Royal Caribbean WiFi: Guide to Internet at sea

31 Oct 2019

Staying connected while on your Royal Caribbean cruise is easier and faster than ever. Here is your guide to being online while on your Royal Caribbean cruise.

How can I get internet access on my Royal Caribbean cruise?

Guests with Wi-Fi enabled devices may connect at any time for "stem to stern" coverage from anywhere, including your stateroom.

Connecting to Royal Caribbean's Wi-Fi is just like at anywhere on land:

  1. Log on to the to the network "royal-wifi" using your device.
  2. Open a web browser and attempt to visit any web site.
  3. The Royal Caribbean WiFi login page will appear, with options to purchase an internet package or allow guests that already have a package to login.

What is Voom?

You might hear and read about something called, "Voom," which is what Royal Caribbean calls its onboard internet service. Unlike traditional internet options at sea, Voom utilizes a different kind of satellite technology to provide much faster connectivity.  

Voom offers guests the ability to stream music and movies, upload pictures, video chat with family and friends using FaceTime or Skype, check their email, lookup their stock prices, surf the web and stay connected with work via VPN.

Voom | Royal Caribbean Blog

In fact, on Oasis and Quantum class ships, you can easily stream video from services like Hulu or Netflix, or engage in Facetime and Skype video calls.

Some other ships, notably Royal Caribbean ships that spend time outside the United States, the speeds may not be quite as fast, but fleetwide, the Voom service is significantly better than onboard internet available through other cruise lines.

How do I sign up for Wi-Fi?

The Royal Caribbean App: Everything you should know | Royal Caribbean Blog

Your access to the internet onboard your Royal Caribbean ship is tied to your stateroom and account you create.  

When you first logon to Royal Caribbean's Wi-Fi, you will see an option to create an account and there you can sign up for a plan or pay for the internet by the day.  In either case, the charge for internet usage will be applied to your stateroom account.

Free Internet on Older Ships - Royal Caribbean Discussion - Royal Caribbean Blog

Alternatively, you can pre-purchase your wifi package and have it prepaid for your cruise.

If you buy it in advance via the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner website, then log on to the wifi network onboard your ship and instead of being charged, you will see the prepaid plan ready to activate.

Can I use my Wi-Fi internet package at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Yes, your Wi-Fi package works at Perfect Day at CocoCay for no additional charge.

What devices can access the internet? 

Any internet device that can access a 802.11b wireless connection can connect to the internet.  This include most smart phones, laptops and tablets.  

Royal Caribbean does provide workstations that are shared and available on a first-come, first served basis but we have found the workstations to be slow in terms of performance.

How fast is Royal Caribbean's Wi-Fi?

VOOM & Facetime - Royal Caribbean Discussion - Royal Caribbean Blog

Let me be frank, internet access on a cruise ship will never be quite as snappy or responsive as it is on land.  However, Royal Caribbean's Voom packages are serviceable, and on the newer ships, pretty fast.

A number of factors can influence how fast the ship's internet is, including how many guests are using it, natural barriers and the ship's latitude.

Royal Caribbean Blog - Unofficial blog about Royal Caribbean cruises

Speeds vary by two levels of plans available.  

  • “Surf” is good for basic needs.  
  • “Surf and Stream” is faster.  

Typical Surf & Stream is 4Mbps down & 2 Mbps up per user.  

Speeds don’t vary much between ships but newer ships have newer technology with lower latency so it seems faster. 

How much does internet access cost?

The cost of a Wi-Fi internet package varies depending on the number of devices and the service package purchased. 

Royal Caribbean offers unlimited plans that can be purchased onboard the ship or pre-purchased prior to the cruise. 

Without a doubt, you will save money by pre-purchasing your Voom internet package via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site.

If you wait to book onboard, here is a copy of Voom prices from Odyssey of the Seas in 2022, which should be about the same across the fleet.

Can I switch between devices while using a Voom package?

Navigator of the Seas Live Blog - Day 4 - Mazatlan | Royal Caribbean Blog

Yes, you may use as many devices as you like, but whichever plan you purchase will limit you to the number of devices that may be connected at the same time.  

To change devices, first log off the first device by typing into your web browser.  This will log your first device out.  Afterwards, log back in with the other device.  You can do this as many times as necessary.

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - WiFi information, prices and how to get a discount

19 Sep 2018

Listen to the Show

One big push Royal Caribbean is going with these days is providing internet access while at sea. Some people find it really useful while others prefer to stay unconnected. Regardless, more internet access is available to cruise guests all the time and this week, we’re going to look at how you can get connected while at sea and what the future may hold as well.

Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...

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Cruise hack: Maximize Voom internet discount for Diamond members or above

04 Jan 2018

If you are at least a Diamond member or above in Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society, here is a great way to maximize your savings on a Royal Caribbean Voom internet package for your cruise.

This deal assumes a few things for it to be worthwhile:

  • You must be at least a Diamond member or above in Crown and Anchor Society (Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle).
  • You are interested in buying a Voom package for the duration of your cruise.
  • You want to get the best possible price on a Voom package.
  • The price of a one-device Voom package on Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner before your sailing is $15.99 per day or higher.

For years, Royal Caribbean has been offering a pre-cruise discount on its Voom internet packages, which is an option on top of taking advantage of the onboard internet package discount Crown and Anchor Society provides.  Essentially, you can pick one, but not both.

Recently, Royal Caribbean has seemed to change the pricing of its Voom Surf and Stream internet package when purchased onboard, to be $19.99 per day (for one device).

The strategy

Thanks to Royal Caribbean Blog reader twangster, there appears to be a way to take full advantage of the onboard discount, which will yield better savings compared to the pre-cruise discount.

What you have to do is wait to book the Voom package onboard, and then wait to buy the internet package on day two of your cruise.

If you can skip buying the internet package on day one, you can reap significant savings.  Most guests will have cell phone coverage to provide internet access on day one for most of the day.  Assuming a 4pm departure time, it is likely you have just 8 hours until midnight of no internet access.  With dinner, entertainment and everything else going on during the first day, waiting until day two to book a Voom package is seemingly easy.

Here is a breakdown of the discount options:

7 Nights

On board - 7 * $19.99 = $139.93 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $116.94

Pre-cruise - 7 * $15.99 = $111.93

Best buy - On board Day 2 -  6 * $19.99 = $119.94 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $96.95

9 Nights

On board - 9 * $19.99 = $179.91 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $156.92

Pre-cruise - 9 * $15.99 = $143.91

Best buy - On board Day 2 -  8 * $19.99 = $159.92 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $136.93

12 Nights

On board - 12 * $19.99 = $239.88 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $216.89

On board Day 2 -  11 * $19.99 = $219.89 - $22.99 Diamond discount = $196.90

Best buy - Pre-cruise - 12 * $15.99 = $191.88

The Diamond discount is effectively between 9.6% and 28.8% based on cruise length. Longer cruise yield less effective discount.

Of course, if you really want to get some additional savings and are okay pushing off internet access for another day, waiting until day three of your cruise will yield even higher savings.

Gold, Platinum and Emerald members

If you are a Platinum or Emerald member in Crown and Anchor Society, you get less of a discount (15%) off onboard internet prices, but the result is pretty close to the same as Diamond members.  Just like Diamond members, the best buy is to wait until day two. 

  • 4-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 28.8%
  • 5-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 23%
  • 6-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 19.2%
  • 7-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 16.4%
  • 8-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 14.4%
  • 9-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 12.8%
  • 10-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 11.5%
  • 11-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 10.5%
  • 12-night cruise: Diamond Voom discount: 9.6%

For anything longer than 7 nights, the Platinum and Emerald discount is better than the Diamond discount. 

For 12 night cruises, the Gold discount (10%) is better than Diamond discount.  

Spotted: Royal Caribbean adds soda package and internet combo

25 May 2017

Royal Caribbean has added a new combo offer for guests to purchase, that combines the ulimited soft drink package with the unlimited internet package.

Dubbed, "Classic Soda And Voom One Device," this new offering costs $19.00 per guest, per day and can be purchased via online prior to a cruise, via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner.

If a guest were to purchase the Classic Soda Package and Voom one device internet package separately, it would cost them $8.50 + 14.39 ($22.89) per person, per day.

The Classic Soda And Voom One Device plan is similar to the Deluxe Beverage Package and Voom One Device plan, which has been a popular choice for guests that want to get the unlimited alcohol package and Voom internet plan together.

Thanks to Royal Caribbean Blog message board reader FManke for spotting this new option.

Spotted: Royal Caribbean unlimited alcohol and internet combo package

19 Apr 2017

Royal Caribbean guests in the market for an unlimited alcohol package and internet access will want to take notice of a new option Royal Caribbean has added.

The Deluxe Drink Package and Voom One Device offers guests the deluxe beverage unlimited alcohol package and a one-device Voom plan in one combo.

The cost of this package is listed at $54 per guest, per day. Compared to buying the two options separately, there are potential savings to the guest.

Here is an example for what each would individually cost for a 7-night cruise on Harmony of the Seas.

This "Sip and Stream" combo package has appeared in the past but has also disappeared quite quickly.  If you are interested in it, our advice is to book it immediately.  Keep in mind that Cruise Planner purchases are able to be canceled prior to the start of the cruise.

Spotted: Royal Caribbean drink package and internet combo offer

24 Nov 2016

Royal Caribbean has a new option that we have spotted in the Cruise Planner that combines two popular cruise add-ons into one package together.

The Deluxe Package And Voom One Device offers guests the deluxe beverage unlimited alcohol package and a one-device Voom plan in one combo.

The cost of this package was listed at $49 per guest, per day. Compared to buying the two options separately, there are savings to the guest.

Keep in mind that this option may not be available for all guests, and exact pricing may vary depending on your sailing.

New Royal Caribbean commercial takes inspiration from Verizon Wireless commercial

16 May 2016

Royal Caribbean is so proud of its fleet-wide high speed internet, its latest commercial seems to be inspired by some well-known Verizon Wireless ads.

Earlier this month, Royal Caribbean announced it was rolling out high-speed internet to all of its cruise ships and clearly, wants to help spread the word.

Royal Caribbean created an ad that is certainly inspired those commercials, and it is a great indication of Royal Caribbean's ability to poke fun at itself.

Verizon Wireless has featured a nationwide television campaign that used colorful balls to show how fast its network is.

Royal Caribbean to add high speed internet to every ship in the fleet by May 1st

29 Apr 2016

During an earnings call with investors, Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley confirmed that every ship in Royal Caribbean's fleet will have Voom high speed internet onboard.

Bayley made the announcement following an investor question surrounding Voom and its profitability.

Earlier this month, Voom options began appearing via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site for ships that had not previously offered Voom.

Royal Caribbean rolled out new tiered internet plans last week for its Voom service and with that change, more Royal Caribbean ships are now offering the Voom service than were previously offered.

Voom internet is Royal Caribbean's exclusive high speed internet that allows guests to stream music and movies, upload pictures, video chat with family and friends using FaceTime or Skype, check their email, lookup their stock prices, surf the web and stay connected with work via VPN.

Royal Caribbean adding Voom to Navigator of the Seas and Vision of the Seas

25 Apr 2016

Royal Caribbean will be adding its high-speed internet service to Navigator of the Seas and Vision of the Seas at some time in May 2016.

Royal Caribbean UK confirmed via Twitter that the service, known as Voom, will be coming to both ships at sometime in May 2016.

No word on which sailings will be the first for either ship that it will have Voom, but there is now confirmation these two ships are getting it.

Royal Caribbean rolled out new tiered internet plans last week for its Voom service and with that change, more Royal Caribbean ships are now offering the Voom service than were previously offered.

Voom has been spotted for sale on other Royal Caribbean ships that did not previously offer Voom, including Liberty of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas.

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