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  2. Is Wings Airways a member of the One World Alliance ? How did you manage to get the exit row seat ? 😕🙌
  3. Incredible views from that plane......glad I wasn't on it
  4. If the onboard credit is from Royal Caribbean (and not a travel agent or website), then you can. Here's how: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/03/13/royal-caribbean-allowing-guests-use-onboard-credit-pre-cruise-purchases-select-sailings
  5. So stupid question, with all of the dining options available for first time cruisers would you all recommend this package? Its down to 154 on our sailing on Liberty and we are already Keyed up.
  6. I'm assuming you're meaning Voom, the internet service? To answer your question, yes, you can..... I've done it myself.
  7. Let me get my disqualifications out there first. I'm a lowly Platinum member with RCL and we've only been regularly cruising for about 10 years. Part of the reason our club status isn't higher is because we have cruised on other lines. I still feel like Royal's loyalty program is very good. Compared to other programs like frequent flyer for an airline it is not time limited. You simply continue to accrue points as you cruise even if it takes you years to get to the next level. There are shortcuts to the top if you want to spend the money to get there. Nobody guarantees that benefits won't change but I think their system is pretty straightforward as to what you can expect at each level. Maybe because we're still newby's we don't have as high of expectations. We enjoy the little "welcome back" statements from the staff when we join the line to board or the loyalty reception that we now get to attend. Ok the drinks are watered down at the event but we're still pinching ourselves that we're on a cruise. As far as food and service 20 years ago that isn't in our minds as we felt that the cost of a cruise was beyond our reach back then. While we have cruised others so technically we have loyalty points with them we continue to look at Royal first because we think their ships are newer and better, price is fair compared to other vacations we might take and generally we love the people on a cruise. I think this is a little like reading after cruise reviews. You read about someone's terrible experience on a cruise you were just on and had the time of your life. Any you wonder were we really on the same ship?
  8. Is it possible to pay for Zoom service with onboard credit weeks before the cruise begins? I would like to take advantage of the extra discount pre-boarding but would like to pay with my onboard credit.
  9. I am also in NOVA. If you like Amaretto (me too !) try getting a pina colada made with amaretto instead of rum. It is liquid candy !
  10. Nothing is better than hearing a guy dressed as a pirate talk beer on a pretty decent level. Outside the place, in full pirate attire: "Rrrrr, ye want a beer matey?!" Inside the place, same attire: "Yes, this pale is made with fresh simcoe that was cross-pollinated with a delectable mosaic hop, and our own strain of ale yeast. Very floral, some honey and lavender on the back end." Back outside the place on the way out, same attire: "Rrrrr, get your booty back in here matey, you need some more, rrrrr!" EDIT: Here's the guy! Super friendly. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Pirate+Republic+Brewing/@25.0789483,-77.3420318,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipONCi9PcFdjphpEp6e73tVY8Aj1t6n7OGIzmtJ9!2e10!3e12!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipONCi9PcFdjphpEp6e73tVY8Aj1t6n7OGIzmtJ9%3Dw203-h152-k-no!7i4640!8i3480!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2f8e8ba0de1de131!8m2!3d25.078799!4d-77.342044
  11. I wonder what RC thinks of this. Genuinely curious, its not stealing because you’ve purchased the cup and package but you could also slip that rfid chip to anyone else who didn’t buy a package and let em fill up, which then would be stealing?
  12. Today
  13. Great photos with great commentary. How long was the trip?
  14. I was looking at going to Lucca Italy, it is a city that usually gets overlooked by tourists but it is such a great city. Has anyone visited this on their own from Livorno? This is not offered on on RCL tour and I am thinking of going there instead of Florence.
  15. Juneau Excursion - Five Glacier Float Plane Conveniently located right next to the ship you'll find the float plane base for Wings Airways. On previous visits it's been hard to miss the float planes coming and going all day long. Looking for something different in Juneau I found the Five Glacier Float Plane excursion offered through Royal Caribbean on sale so as they say...YOLO, booked it. The DeHavilland Twin Otter is by no means a new aircraft having been in service for decades. They are the workhorse of the North. Wings Airways has five of them. A map in their office illustrates our flight path. They also hand out a card with the names of the glaciers. Glaciers will be Norris, Taku, Hole in the Wall and the West and East Twins. Our pilot greets us and we head down the ramp to the plane. Our plane today is N339AK a.k.a. Red Stripe. The plane features bubble like windows that let you stick your camera or your head out to get fantastic views. Headsets are provided and a recorded sound track narrates our journey. We have a quick safety briefing and then we are off. A short taxi and take off and we rise up gently into the sky with an amazing view of the Celebrity Millennium as she was arriving in Juneau. The view looking back down Gastineau Channel with Juneau in the distance. The scenery is breath taking. You can see how the bubble windows let you get a great view in many directions. Our first glacier flyover. The surface of the glacier has numerous pools of glacier runoff water that have an amazing turquoise color. Different section of the glacier feature varying formations of glacial ice. We circle around and continue up the mountain range. It's hard to put into words the views and what we observe as we fly over them. Massive waterfalls look tiny in the these photo. The scale is hard to describe. The twins. West on the far left, East on the right. On the flight up the left side has a better view but on the return the pilot gives the passengers on the right the awesome glacier views. Looking down the valley you can see the glacial silt of a thousand years has shaped the river. Back over the glacier you can really see the differences as it progresses downslope. It's hard to fathom the scale of the size but the face is hundreds of feet tall. A section has recently broken off exposing the intricate details from within the glacier. It's a pretty massive glacier. The river is tidal from where it connects with the Gastineau Channel that we sailed up to reach Juneau. The ever changing nature of the glacial silt makes navigation challenging and the narration over the headset describes small boats that inevitably run aground and have to wait until high tide to free them. On our return to Juneau I spot a sand bar that I spotted from the ship as we approached Juneau. We gently land on the water and begin to taxi back to the float plane base. What an amazing experience. The rest of the fleet has arrived and is preparing to take waiting guests on their tours. Here is a ten minute video I put together from short clips I took in between taking still pictures and simply gazing out at the amazing views. When I booked this excursion I questioned if doing another flightseeing excursion was a wise idea since I booked the flight excursion in Icy Strait Point . I'm so glad I kept both. This flight flew very close over the surface of the glaciers and I really got a better appreciation of the differences in glacial ice formations along sections of the glacier.
  16. Hi KwEvans, our group decided to buy our own since I didn’t want to deal with a leaking facemask & would have time to proper fit, we can get hopefully one more use on our June HOTS cruise. Dicks Sporting has Aqua Lung for $30 that included mask, footies & mouthpiece all in a nice carrying bag that is 3 pounds. I figure we will just watch where the guide points for people that rented their gear go & go that way. I’ve read that wherever the orange boys are, and to find the sunken “ plane” are the hot spots. Oh FYI , four sets take up an entire luggage suitcase bag.If you buy white Speedo version, have shorter footies, so take a lot less room.
  17. I can add my own D+ boarding experience on Harmony on the 3-night cruise right before @Matt. We arrived later than usual for us, probably 11:15 - 11:30. When we got up to the boarding area, it looked like they were boarding the masses already. There was a large crowd of people boarding (maybe 200+ people). My husband went up to a RC employee standing behind a roped off area and asked her if there was a line to board specifically for D+. She let us into the roped off area and told us to follow behind the family currently boarding. I think they were suite guests. I have to say, it was really nice not to have to wait with that crowd to board. 😉
  18. No different than how they charge for cabanas or bungalows. You'd never in a million years want an Over-the-Water cabana on Labadee if you didn't have a group of at least four people. No idea how many is the max for those Coco Cay cabanas (try saying that quickly five times!), but I imagine it's at least the same situation.
  19. Anyone looking to go on private excursions through any of the 3rd party companies on the Mediterranean Cruise Sept. 3-15, 2019?
  20. I just rebooked mine the Wednesday on the Memorial Day weekend sale. I had saved 25% on the black Friday sale and now the new package was 30% off for memorial day. It probably will not get any cheaper but I will keep an eye out as I get closer to sailing date.
  21. I am just going to order my drinks then transfer them to my Yeti Rambler. The new Hot Shot cap is excellent no no spills when you put your bottle a back pack full. This kid figured out how to use any cup once you have the package purchased https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAxjfd2Kd4s
  22. "Ok"?? Dude, unlimited alcoholic beverages every night is something no other cruise line does for its loyal customers. That is an incredible value. Sorry...just okay since I don't drink alcohol and I can't comment on it. 😇
  23. You people talk about lack of loyalty but you have none yourselves. Just as Royal is trying to make as much as they can, you all are just trying to get as much as you can. It's very hypocritical but also comical. Here is what I've experienced. Many entitled angry people that declare they'll never sail on Royal again seem to reappear on every sailing I'm on. Go to the Suite lounge or the Diamond lounge. The temper tantrums are almost nonstop. I just don't understand why people with so many complaints go again and again.
  24. "Ok"?? Dude, unlimited alcoholic beverages every night is something no other cruise line does for its loyal customers. That is an incredible value. I dont think so at all. The biggest issue I hear is the moving location of Diamond Lounges and/or more Diamond members than before. Meh, not a big deal to me. Absolutely not. It's no different than what the Suite guests get in terms of "buying into" and once again, Key guests have to pay for the benefits, whereas Diamond guests get it for free. There's also only a couple of benefits that Diamond guests share with The Key. I believe a lot of Diamond cruisers are upset that the Key benefits were not extended to them as well, which is just petty.
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