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Am hoping you could post pictures of Compass & MDR menus from Majesty?  We are sailing her later this year with a different itinerary but also out of Tampa. Looking forward to your thoughts on embark/disembark and the ship herself.

Thanks & safe trip!

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Didn't think to take pics but just disembarked this morning.

Embark/Disembark were both pretty painless for us.

Embarkation we got dropped off about 10.30. Through security and into terminal 10.33 (1 person in line ahead of us, delayed by having our powerstrip confiscated … Majesty screening seemed more "sensitive" than usual as the powerstrip in question has sailed 24 out of 26 sailings now).

There was extra checkin paperwork since we had Cuba on the itinerary (we did all the forms available on line ahead of time, but there were more papers that had to be done in person).

Checked in and waiting by about 10.50.

Boarding started at 11 and we were onboard about 11.05

Staterooms were supposed to be available at 1.30, they announced them available at 1 and our luggage was sitting in the hallway waiting for us already.

All in all, very painless.


We had luggage tag 1 (Diamond and up, not walking off) and were meant to meet in the Schooner bar at 8.30. We got there at 8.00 to find no-one around and a table of still wrapped in plastic "breakfast" goodies for us. Sat down and got comfortable figuring we would have a short wait … about 10 mins later a crewmember walked by and asked what we were waiting for … informed us that group 1 was already called and we headed off.

Line getting off the ship wound through the dining room but was moving fast, probably off the ship in 5 minutes and then 10 minutes in line in the terminal.

Oddly we went through passport control (No Global Entry line, no paperwork, quick scan of the passports and wave you on through) and then picked up our luggage … guess it doesn't matter since it seems like no one ever gets stopped for "customs" reasons but I was worried we had somehow gotten pulled into a "carrying your own luggage only" line.

We were curbside at 8.30 waiting to be picked up.

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Thanks for the post.  Our boarding is being held up til 4:30.  Wonder what time we can really show up?  And we are driving to the Orlando area after disembark with a flight out of MCO later that evening so we will be in no particular hurry to get off.  A leisurely breakfast (can we eat in the MDR that morning?) then last ones off?!?!

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MDR is a breakfast option.

Walk off (self assist) disembarkation started around 7 for us, we were the Crown and Anchor (group 1) luggage tag … supposed to be called at 8.30 but off at 8.

The tags went to about 10.30 or so … so I would think if you were in no rush you would have time for a breakfast and then come off by 10 or so.

I think MDR hours were like 6 til 8 something like that … they don't want you taking all morning while they wait to clean your room.

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Self-assist is really just to get off earlier (they open self-assist first and then once the line dies down shift over to calling luggage tag groups).

Suite/C&A should get you the first set of luggage tags, you don't have to get off when your tag is called though so if you want to wait until later in the process you can, your luggage will still be waiting. Bear in mind there is very little to "do" on disembarkation morning ... shops are closed .. casino is closed ... pretty much all bars/lounges are closed ... if you just want to sit on the pool deck with a cup of coffee and relax that's fine but pretty much anywhere else you are going to be dealing with people either waiting to get off or no service in that venue.

Schooner, Spectrum and Chorus Line (2 lounges and the theatre) are designated waiting areas, MDR level 4 is part of the queuing area, MDR level 3 is open for breakfast, etc.

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Embarkation was a breeze.  We arrived at about 10:30am and by the time we got our SeaPass cards, boarding has begun.

The only noticeable change was we had to all fill out one additional form at the terminal for Cuba (in addition to the Cuba form you should fill out prior to arriving to the terminal that can be downloaded online).

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Just now, RaleighTrout said:

I noticed in your pics that one of the pools was empty.  Was that a temporary thing for cleaning?  

It was the kids pool. Not sure why it was empty the whole day, but then again it was embarkation day so not a lot of swimmers to begin with.

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Matt, thank you for your review of Majesty.  Since I have no experience with a large ship, first and only cruise on the Nordic Empress, I’m confident (sort of) that we will have a great time on Majesty.  We aren’t looking for bells & whistles, just a comfortable room (GS 1532) with views from our balcony, good food and drink and relaxation.

Hope your back improves soon!

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