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  1. ^ Yes, an even better deal! Thanks for that info.
  2. August. I looked it up. On August 9th, when we would leave the ship and board the train, the sun sets at 10:14pm and twilight ends at 11:12pm. The train ride is from 6pm to 10pm. https://sunrise-sunset.org/us/anchorage-ak/2019/8
  3. Any real difference between going North vs going South? One main is that the train you took runs at night 6pm to 10pm from Seward to Anchorage, whereas from Anchorage to Seward it runs in the morning. Not sure what kind of view you get from 6-10pm because I know it stays daylight in Alaska for many hours.
  4. The magnetic hooks thing was a tip I got from this forum and it was great! I got the ones Matt linked and they worked fine.
  5. ^ Thanks for letting me know this. I priced the OV with the perks and it is $3407 vs $2769 without. It says you get a Classic Drink for 2, which I would value at $600-700 on a 7 day cruise, plus $300 OBC - so the perks value would be $900-1000 for the additional $638 of cruise fare.
  6. Thanks. Agree, tight, but we did 4 in a tiny Majesty room (120 sq ft), so our family can do it. We didn't spend much time in the room (sleep/shower/restroom) and imagine on an Alaska cruise we would spend even less time. You have been very helpful with advice to me on Alaska - thank you!
  7. They are offering an inside cabin on Millennium for Alaska Northbound for $1970 total (rates + taxes/fees) for 4 people. OV is @2770. The Radiance price for the same dates (but Southbound) is $2831 and $3031 OV. Any thoughts on Radiance vs Millennium for an Alaska cruise?
  8. Thanks for the info Twangster. You have been very helpful!
  9. Thanks. Majesty had a Sorrentos. One more question. The RCI cruises don't go to Glacier Bay, they go to Hubbard. Should that be an issue for a first-timer to Alaska?
  10. Radiance or Ovation? Thinking about pulling the trigger on the Aug 2 cruise on Radiance.
  11. Thank you! My family's first RCI cruise was this same trip back in Aug, except we sailed out of Tampa. We had a blast and it was fun showing your pictures to my family and reliving our cruise. We also had a 3rd deck porthole ocean view room - FOUR of us in the room! But it was great - looking forward to our next cruise!
  12. Twangster Read through this entire thread last night and really enjoyed your photos and thoughts on your Alaska cruise. I think we interacted last year when I was planning my first RCL cruise to Mexico and now I am thinking about Alaska, and like you for this cruise, somewhat a last-minute decision (if you call 6 months out last minute). Thinking about taking this same trip in August 2019 (South bound, fly into Anchorage, train to Seward, fly back from Vancouver or Seattle). My oldest goes to college in late August this might be our last great vacation before the "leaves the nest". What are thoughts on pricing? For a family of 4, I can get around $3200 total for this cruise leaving August 2nd (that is for an ocean view room). Will it get any better or only worse -is there an optimal time to book this cruise? Thanks for your thoughts
  13. On my recent cruise (depart Mon, arrive back Sat), the drink card was not offered until Thursday. It cost $75 plus 18% gratuity for a 10 drink card, which my wife and I split Thursday evening (back from Cozumel) and Friday (all day at sea).
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