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Countdown clock back in business!

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its nice to have the countdown back BUT you may run into one small problem (imagine that) it comes up when you sign in and you can see all your past and future cruises balance room number etc. BUT lol even though you can see all your past cruises (they lost one of mine) but at the top of the page it said I was "pre gold" OOPS so I called crown and in about 5 seconds they fixed it AMAZING I KNOW RIGHT ! well once again I thanked the rep asked her several questions which she had no clue so I thanked her and she ended with THANKYOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE IN OUR PERIOD OF TRANSITION ?

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20 minutes ago, Matt said:

Have you tried logging out and logging back in?

I'll try later. I'm not concerned, in the last few months I've seen it change back and forth. RC's IT is very interesting. I wonder if it's bad management or not enough funding/staff for dept...I have trouble believing anyone is that dumb. There's got to be a real reason the site sucks. It does look pretty now though.

EDIT: it's back and correct.

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